Most Anticipated Films Of January 2023.

Got to be honest, January actually seems very promising this year. There’s definitely films here that have a lot of potential to be some early favorites.

12. There’s Something Wrong With The Children – January 17th (VOD)

11. Alone At Night – January 20th (VOD)

10. Alice Darling – January 20th (Theaters)

9. One Fine Morning – January 27th (Theaters)

8. The Pale Blue Eye – January 6th (Netflix)

7. The Offering – January 13th (VOD)

6. M3gan – January 6th (Theaters)

5. Close – January 27th (Theaters)

4. Missing – January 20th (Theaters)

3. Women Talking – January 27th (Theaters)

2. Skinamarink – January 13th (Theaters)

1. Infinity Pool – January 27th (Theaters)


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