Most Anticipated Films Of January 2023.

Got to be honest, January actually seems very promising this year. There’s definitely films here that have a lot of potential to be some early favorites.

12. There’s Something Wrong With The Children – January 17th (VOD)

11. Alone At Night – January 20th (VOD)

10. Alice Darling – January 20th (Theaters)

9. One Fine Morning – January 27th (Theaters)

8. The Pale Blue Eye – January 6th (Netflix)

7. The Offering – January 13th (VOD)

6. M3gan – January 6th (Theaters)

5. Close – January 27th (Theaters)

4. Missing – January 20th (Theaters)

3. Women Talking – January 27th (Theaters)

2. Skinamarink – January 13th (Theaters)

1. Infinity Pool – January 27th (Theaters)

Pearl is a beautiful and haunting Technicolor inspired nightmare.

Trapped on her family’s isolated farm, Pearl must tend to her ailing father under the bitter and overbearing watch of her devout mother. Lusting for a glamorous life like she’s seen in the movies.

Ti West completely nails it yet again with Pearl, Pearl serves as a prequel to X which released back in March of this year. Much like what he did with X when he made the film look like something straight out of the 70s and 80s horror film era, Pearl is made to look like a technicolor (even though they didn’t actually use technicolor they still did a fantastic job or replicating it) film from the 1930s (think Wizard Of Oz), the film is absolutely gorgeous and like X captures the time period it takes place in. Mia Goth completely hits it out of the park once again as Pearl, she gives one of the best performances so far this year and completely dives deep into her character. There’s some truly horrifyingly effective moments that she pushes with her role, there’s a 6 minute monologue that is tragic, horrifying and absolutely beautiful all at the same time that really captivates the viewer. The writing is truly masterful the amount of attention to detail the film goes in with the characters especially Pearl is truly inspiring and fascinating, the atmosphere is thrilling there’s something very eerie about the town the film takes place in. Where anything can happen at any given moment, it matches the type of town you would have in a nightmare it’s truly haunting and the style of the film only makes it that more effective. Ti West’s direction is once again absolutely fantastic, once again West truly understands the horror genre so he expresses that here. Which is a different type of horror that X was so it’s quite fascinating to see him completely master not one but types of horror in the exact same year, finally Pearl as a film stands on it’s own it’s far different than X that while yes is a prequel could be considered it’s own film (although there’s a few callbacks to X but not very huge ones). Overall Pearl is one of the best films of the year (my favorite so far this year) it’s a beautifully crafted film that truly hit it out of the park, it’s a nightmare of a film that I truly recommend!

Pearl is available In theaters.

10/10 A+

Most Anticipated Films Of September 2022!

August flew by and the summer movie season is over. 2022 still continues be an incredibly strong year for film and it’s only going to get better with upcoming releases for the last 4 months. September is usually a month that isn’t quite packed and is also sometimes a dumping ground, however this year it looks quite great (minus this week outside of Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul there is almost nothing releasing).

As always here’s some films that I’ve already seen at festivals that are coming out in September that I highly recommend checking out.

Speak No Evil – September 9th (Theaters) and September 15th (Shudder) if you like disturbing films make sure to check this one out. It’s a batshit insane movie that goes off the rails quickly, also be sure to go into it knowing as little as possible.

Riotsville USA – September 16th (Theaters and VOD Platforms) A very interesting film that’s entirely archival footage of how protests began to rise in the 60s, it’s a very haunting and powerful film that’s actually quite important. Definitely one of the most interesting films so far this year. If you are into protest history I recommend this one.

Sissy – September 29th (Shudder) Another really solid slasher film that’s going to release this year, fun characters, great kills, fun gore and so on. It’s everything you would want in a slasher film!!

Now on to the list itself!

23. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn – September 19th (Theaters) As far as I know Victor Salva has no involvement with this one, it also helps that it looks like a far better movie than the last Jeepers Creepers. 

22. Smile – September 30th (Theaters) it looks absolutely ridiculous but at the same time sort of looks fun as well!

21. Saloum – September 8th (Shudder)

20. Goodnight Mommy – September 16th (Amazon Prime Video) I definitely think there’s potential for this to be good, it has Naomi Watts and the filming looks really nice. However the original 2014 movie is such a great film that captured disturbing atmosphere, after seeing America’s attempt to remake disturbing movies before such as Martyrs, Inside and Oldboy (all the remakes were garbage) It’s likely this could be another dud. Despite that I am interested to see what they can do.

19. Who Invited Them? – September 1st (Shudder)

18. Jane – September 16th (Creator+)

17. My Best Friend’s Exorcism – September 30th (Amazon Prime Video) Was very surprised to see that the movie actually looks like a whole lot of fun. Elsie Fisher is in one of the leading roles!

16. The Greatest Beer Run Ever – September 30th (Apple TV+)

15. The Girl At The Window – September 27th (VOD)

14. Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon – September 30th (VOD)

13. Raven’s Hollow – September 22nd (Shudder)

12. Burial – September 2nd (VOD)

11. Vesper – September 30th (VOD)

10. The Woman King – September 16th (Theaters) One of the films I’ve been waiting for all year, Viola Davis looks incredible here and could end up giving one of the best performances of the year!

9. Do Revenge – September 16th (Netflix) Looks like an incredible amount of fun plus Maya Hawke is here to completely own it!

8. God’s Country – September 16th (Theaters)

7. God’s Creatures – September 30th (Theaters and VOD Platforms) Heard incredibly great things about this one and the trailer was quite great immediately introducing the mysterious atmosphere that I’m assuming will be in the film.

6. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – September 6th (VOD) Finally this is coming to VOD platforms, heard nothing but good things about this one!

5. Moonage Daydream – September 16th (Theaters) – A Documentary on David Bowie that’s going to have unreleased footage from Bowie’s personal archives including live concert footage. I’m a big fan of lost media or unreleased media so this one immediately got my attention especially since I’m a fan of Bowie’s music!

4. Barbarian – September 9th (Theaters) The films has been described as “this year’s Malignant” and “a truly bizarre experience” and so on. First reactions for Barbarian were fantastic and sounds like one of this year’s unexpected fantastic films, really looking forward to this one.

3. Blonde – September 16th (Theaters) and September 28th (Netflix) Netflix has a very strong lineup for the rest of the year and Blonde is definitely one of them. Ana de Armas could score a Best Actress Nomination just from the trailers she captures a lot about Marilyn Monroe, the film is also going to be rated NC-17 a decision that’s not often done nowadays. It’s a film I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time ever since it was announced, it’s also great to see Andrew Dominick back with another film.

2. Don’t Worry Darling – September 23rd (Theaters) – Olivia Wilde directors something completely different, after Booksmart (fantastic film) she moves into the thriller/horror/drama area which is always fantastic. This is another film I’ve been excited for since it was announced, Florence Pugh is one of the leads and it seems to be like Darren Aronofsky’s film Mother! First reactions are September 5th at the Venice Film Festival so we will know how it is very soon!

1. Pearl – September 16th (Theaters) Ti West has already given horror fans X a fantastic slasher film that completely captured the 70s and 80s slasher era. Pearl serves as a prequel with Mia Goth returning as the lead who will not doubt hit it out of the park yet again. X is still one of my absolute favorite films of the year and I have no doubt Ti West will hit another homerun!

And that’s it for the list! Lots of great stuff here that I’m truly excited for!!

X is a masterful throwback to the 70s and 80s slasher films.

A group of actors sets out to make an adult film in rural Texas under the noses of their reclusive hosts, but when the elderly couple catches their young guests in the act, the cast finds themselves in a desperate fight for their lives.

X is a prime example of when a filmmaker truly understands a certain genre, in this case Ti West having a complete understanding of the horror genre as well as the slasher film. The movie is a brilliant throwback to the 70s and 80s slasher films and perhaps the best type of throwback in recent memory, from the ground up Ti West and his team built this film as if it came out in the 70s or 80s. Which leads to a ton of elements that all combine together to make a masterful thrilling experience. Starting with the cast all of which do a fantastic job and have an excellent chemistry between one another, the characters actually get development which is very different from a lot of slasher films, but the standout performances are most definitely Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow (it’s wonderful to see her back in a horror film) and Kid Cudi. Mia Goth plays two characters Maxine and Pearl which she does an excellent job at and gives my favorite performances so far this year, her role as Pearl is thrilling, disturbing and quite fascinating. All of the performances here are absolutely well done, each of them giving something unique to the film and there’s a lot of emotion as well. Which leads to the writing and themes, X could have been just another slasher film but Ti West wanted to do something completely different. He took the slasher genre and a bit of slow burn and put in the theme of becoming old and missing your youth, which leads to some bizarre scenes that have a lot to them when it comes to emotion, this is the type of case where this would come off very silly in other slasher films. But the writing truly backs it up here and paints a disturbing atmospheric picture that becomes meaningful at points, the setting compliments the film well immediately it reminds you of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s a really nice callback what I do appreciate however is the film does something different with it. It creates a different atmosphere than Texas Chainsaw Massacre with it’s setting so it avoids the risk of repeating. The filming is one of the major elements that make X such a successful film, as I said earlier X is completely done as if it was made in the 70s or 80s. The filming is a major highlight of this, there’s a lot of shots that look straight out of slasher films from that era. Especially when combined with the atmosphere it’s a very dark and mysterious atmosphere that a lot of slasher films had during that era, lastly there’s the direction which I’ve said a few things already on how and why Ti West did such a fantastic job with this film but here’s a bit more. Ti West didn’t just create another throwback film, he created a throwback film that feels AND looks like it was made in that era, plus he added so much more to the film, his knowledge of the genre is very present here and is a breath of fresh air. Overall X is so far my favorite film of 2022, it masters everything a slasher film should be while also including brilliant direction from Ti West, Mia Goth giving two completely different roles and nailing them both and adding so much to make this film straight from the 70s and 80s as much as possible!

X is available in theaters!

10/10 A+

Sundance Reviews : Marvelous And The Black Hole and Mayday (2021) Movie Reviews!

A teenage delinquent teams up with a surly children’s party magician to navigate her dysfunctional family and inner demons.

When it comes to Sundance 2021 films Marvelous And The Black Hole always seems to be missing from the conversation, it’s a very underrated film from the festival that really has a lot of heart! Marvelous And The Black Hole might be familiar in some ways, but what makes the film is as I said in my reaction the heart and soul of the film. Miya Cech and Rhea Pearlman bring so much to their performances and the chemistry between the two is just incredibly sweet. It’s a very heartwarming movie that shows a lot of talent and displays tons of emotions, there are sad parts, hilarious moments, dark moments and so much more. So the film does have a variety which is quite great to see, the writing is pretty clever sure it does fall into some familiar territory but for the most part it does come up with some clever tricks and brings in some very interesting scenes. The coming of age aspect is quite interesting, it’s a different take on the coming of age movie genre that is familiar yet tries things a little different. Overall Marvelous And The Black Hole is incredibly solid, I really hope this one releases soon!!

7/10 B

Ana is transported to a dreamlike and dangerous land where she joins an army of girls engaged in a never-ending war along a rugged coast.

I probably should have reviewed Mayday earlier given that there really isn’t a whole lot to say about it but oh well. Mayday sounded interesting in concept which is why I watched it at Sundance, however the film itself is just very very okay. There are things to really like about Mayday such as the atmosphere it was actually pretty great, it definitely tries to stay throughout the film and does capture the mood it’s going for. Mia Goth continues to show that she’s a criminally underrated actress she’s definitely the best part about Mayday by a lot. What kills Mayday is the second act, it never fully recovers and just continues till it ends, the second act is just nowhere near as interesting or compelling as what the film set it up to be. Which is very unfortunate because the filmmaking is quite great such as the cinematography capturing the beautiful landscape. Mayday really could have been something great but that’s sadly not the case here, this may work for some people but unfortunately it didn’t work me.

5/10 C