Most Anticipated Films Of December 2022.

Well here it is the final month of 2022, before you know it we will be in January. 2022 seems like it’s going to wrap up with some really strong films as well!

A few films I’ve already seen that I highly recommend

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery – December 23rd (Netflix)

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish – December 21st (Theaters)

Nanny – December 16th (Amazon Prime Video)

23. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules – December 2nd (Disney+)

22. Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas To All – December 20th (Apple TV+)

21. The Mean One – December 15th (VOD)

20. Darby Of The Dead – December 2nd (Hulu)

19. Bed Rest – December 7th (Tubi)

18. Christmas Bloody Christmas – December 9th (Shudder)

17. Troll – December 1st (Netflix)

16. The Apology – December 16th (Shudder)

15. A Wounded Fawn – December 1st (Shudder)

14. Living – December 23rd (Theaters)

13. Wildcat December 30th (Amazon Prime Video)

12. Hunt – December 2nd (VOD)

11. The Eternal Daughter – December 2nd (VOD)

10. Broker – December 26th (Theaters)

9. Corsage – December 23rd (Theaters)

8. Avatar: The Way Of Water – December 16th (Theaters)

7. Decision To Leave – December 9th (VOD)

6. White Noise – December 20th (Netflix)

5. Aftersun – December 20th (VOD)

4. Women Talking – December 25th (Theaters)

3. Babylon – December 25th – Theaters)

2. Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio – December 9th (Netflix)

1. The Whale – December 9th (Theaters)

Most Anticipated Films Of November 2022!

We are almost at the end of 2022 which is sort of crazy to think about, it’s been such a spectacular year for film and it’s only going to get even better from here! Let’s start with a movie I saw back in March at SXSW that is quite disturbing.

Soft & Quiet – November 4th (VOD) – I’m going to link my review here so you know what you are getting into if you decide to watch it. It’s a very good film but very disturbing.

16. Disenchanted 2 – November 18th (Disney+)

15. Strange World – November 23rd (Theaters)

14. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Plantasm – November 8th (VOD)

13. Selena Gomez: my mind & me – November 4th (Apple TV+)

12. She Said – November 18th (Theaters)

11. Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special – November 25th (Disney+)

10. EO – November 18th (Theaters)

9. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – November 11th (Theaters)

8. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story – November 4th (Roku)

7. The Son – November 11th (Theaters)

6. The Fabelmans – November 11th (Limited) and November 23rd (Wide)

5. The Wonder – November 16th (Netflix)

4. Causeway – November 4th (Apple TV+)

3. Armageddon Time – November 4th (Theaters)

2. The Menu – November 18th (Theaters)

1. Bones & All – November 18th (Theaters)

And that’s my list of the most anticipated films of this month! What are you excited for!

Most Anticipated Films Of October 2022!

September flew by pretty quickly so now we are reaching the home stretch! October is my favorite month of the year and like previous years this month has a lot of good stuff to look forward to! As usual I’ll go over the movies I’ve already seen that I recommend and then we will get into the list.

Piggy – October 7th (Theaters I believe) and October 14th (VOD) – A Disturbing little movie Spanish and French horror movie that I saw back at Sundance 2022, it has some pretty neat commentary on bullying and some effective atmosphere!

Bitch Ass – October 14th (VOD) – Bitch Ass is one of those it’s so bad it’s hilarious movies, I gave it a 6/10 simply because I had such a fun time with it because it understands how to have fun. It’s a fun little slasher movie that I recommend watching with friends.

Slash/Back – October 21st (VOD) A simple but decent little sci-fi movie it has a lot of Attack The Block vibes to it so this is one to check out if you liked that one.

Now on to the list!

29. Bring It On: Cheer Or Die – October 8th (Syfy Channel) – Yes you read that right the Bring It On series is taking a new direction and going into the horror genre. This will be the seventh installment in the series (I have yet to see any but the first movie might check the series out this week) I don’t expect this movie to be good since it is going to premiere on the Syfy channel, but this is a case of my curiosity being very interested.

28. Spirit Of Halloween: The Movie – October 11th (VOD) – I appreciate these types of horror movies still being a thing, you know the kid friendly horror (although it is rated PG-13 the trailer has a Goosebumps like feel to it) I’m also a bit interested to see how they use the premise!

27. Old Man – October 14th (VOD)

26. Black Adam – October 21st (Theaters) – The only reason why I’m excited is because I like the whole premise of a film focusing on an Anti-Hero and fighting the heroes, the very least I hope Black Adam is a fun time as a lot of the comic book films this year have been a mess in terms of quality.

25. Rosaline – October 14th (Hulu)

24. Lyle Lyle Crocodile – October 7th (Theaters) – Potentially could be a lot of fun, I’m also very into the idea of Shawn Mendes voicing a crocodile.

23. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone – October 5th (Netflix) – Another Stephen King adaption, hopefully this one is better than the last one we got this year (Firestarter 2022)

22. Werewolf By Night – October 7th (Disney+) – One of the few things Marvel has coming up that I’m actually interested in, the trailer was a lot of fun and felt a bit campy here’s to hoping the same can be said for the movie.

21. Dark Glasses – October 13th (Shudder)

20. Wendell & Wild – October 28th (Netflix)

19. Run Sweetheart Run – October 28th (Amazon Prime Video)

18. Significant Other – October 7th (Paramount+) – Maika Monroe has already hit it out of the park with Watcher which released a back in June, the trailer seems promising with this one!

17. Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind – October 11th (VOD) – So far the animated Mortal Kombat movies have been quite fun Scorpion’s Revenge (2020) was a very solid film that did the franchise justice and Battle Of The Realms (2021) while not as good as the previous movie it was still a solid fun time! Here’s hoping Snow Blind is just as good.

16. God’s Country – October 14th (VOD)

15. Till – October 14th (Theaters) – There’s been a lot of talk about Danielle Deadwyler’s performance, the film had it’s first reactions over the weekend and while the movie itself is apparently great but is on the weak side at times Deadwyler’s performance is apparently fantastic. Which makes me all the more excited.

14. Holy Spider – October 28th (Theaters)

13. Stars At Noon – October 14th (Theaters and VOD platforms) – Haven’t heard the best things about this movie but between Claire Denis and Margaret Qualley I can’t help but be excited for this one.

12. The Good Nurse – October 26th (Netflix)

11. Halloween Ends – October 14th (Theaters and Peacock) – I’m one of those people who loved Halloween Kills so I’m pretty excited for Halloween Ends, it will be interesting to see how the film closes the whole Laurie Strode and Michael Myers chapter!

10. V/H/S/99 – October 20th (Shudder) – After a really solid sequel from last year (V/H/S/94) I’m very interested to see how this one will be, as long as it stays away from being like VHS Viral this should be great.

9. Terrifier 2 – October 6th (Theaters) – A sequel that I’ve been waiting for awhile now, early reactions say it’s just as good if not better than the first movie!

8. Armageddon Time – October 28th (Theaters) – Between the cast, James Gray and the trailer there is so much to look forward to with this film.

7. All Quiet On The Western Front – October 28th (Netflix)

6. The Banshees Of Inisherin – October 21st (Theaters)

5. Hellraiser – October 7th (Hulu) – After the first reactions which came out recently, I’m very excited for this one! It looks like a breath of fresh air for the series that it most definitely needs.

4. Aftersun – October 21st (Theaters)

3. Decision To Leave – October 14th (Theaters)

2. Triangle Of Sadness – October 7th (Theaters)

1. TAR – October 7th (Theaters)…..just looks absolutely stunning!!

Which films are you excited for?

Most Anticipated Films Of September 2022!

August flew by and the summer movie season is over. 2022 still continues be an incredibly strong year for film and it’s only going to get better with upcoming releases for the last 4 months. September is usually a month that isn’t quite packed and is also sometimes a dumping ground, however this year it looks quite great (minus this week outside of Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul there is almost nothing releasing).

As always here’s some films that I’ve already seen at festivals that are coming out in September that I highly recommend checking out.

Speak No Evil – September 9th (Theaters) and September 15th (Shudder) if you like disturbing films make sure to check this one out. It’s a batshit insane movie that goes off the rails quickly, also be sure to go into it knowing as little as possible.

Riotsville USA – September 16th (Theaters and VOD Platforms) A very interesting film that’s entirely archival footage of how protests began to rise in the 60s, it’s a very haunting and powerful film that’s actually quite important. Definitely one of the most interesting films so far this year. If you are into protest history I recommend this one.

Sissy – September 29th (Shudder) Another really solid slasher film that’s going to release this year, fun characters, great kills, fun gore and so on. It’s everything you would want in a slasher film!!

Now on to the list itself!

23. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn – September 19th (Theaters) As far as I know Victor Salva has no involvement with this one, it also helps that it looks like a far better movie than the last Jeepers Creepers. 

22. Smile – September 30th (Theaters) it looks absolutely ridiculous but at the same time sort of looks fun as well!

21. Saloum – September 8th (Shudder)

20. Goodnight Mommy – September 16th (Amazon Prime Video) I definitely think there’s potential for this to be good, it has Naomi Watts and the filming looks really nice. However the original 2014 movie is such a great film that captured disturbing atmosphere, after seeing America’s attempt to remake disturbing movies before such as Martyrs, Inside and Oldboy (all the remakes were garbage) It’s likely this could be another dud. Despite that I am interested to see what they can do.

19. Who Invited Them? – September 1st (Shudder)

18. Jane – September 16th (Creator+)

17. My Best Friend’s Exorcism – September 30th (Amazon Prime Video) Was very surprised to see that the movie actually looks like a whole lot of fun. Elsie Fisher is in one of the leading roles!

16. The Greatest Beer Run Ever – September 30th (Apple TV+)

15. The Girl At The Window – September 27th (VOD)

14. Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon – September 30th (VOD)

13. Raven’s Hollow – September 22nd (Shudder)

12. Burial – September 2nd (VOD)

11. Vesper – September 30th (VOD)

10. The Woman King – September 16th (Theaters) One of the films I’ve been waiting for all year, Viola Davis looks incredible here and could end up giving one of the best performances of the year!

9. Do Revenge – September 16th (Netflix) Looks like an incredible amount of fun plus Maya Hawke is here to completely own it!

8. God’s Country – September 16th (Theaters)

7. God’s Creatures – September 30th (Theaters and VOD Platforms) Heard incredibly great things about this one and the trailer was quite great immediately introducing the mysterious atmosphere that I’m assuming will be in the film.

6. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – September 6th (VOD) Finally this is coming to VOD platforms, heard nothing but good things about this one!

5. Moonage Daydream – September 16th (Theaters) – A Documentary on David Bowie that’s going to have unreleased footage from Bowie’s personal archives including live concert footage. I’m a big fan of lost media or unreleased media so this one immediately got my attention especially since I’m a fan of Bowie’s music!

4. Barbarian – September 9th (Theaters) The films has been described as “this year’s Malignant” and “a truly bizarre experience” and so on. First reactions for Barbarian were fantastic and sounds like one of this year’s unexpected fantastic films, really looking forward to this one.

3. Blonde – September 16th (Theaters) and September 28th (Netflix) Netflix has a very strong lineup for the rest of the year and Blonde is definitely one of them. Ana de Armas could score a Best Actress Nomination just from the trailers she captures a lot about Marilyn Monroe, the film is also going to be rated NC-17 a decision that’s not often done nowadays. It’s a film I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time ever since it was announced, it’s also great to see Andrew Dominick back with another film.

2. Don’t Worry Darling – September 23rd (Theaters) – Olivia Wilde directors something completely different, after Booksmart (fantastic film) she moves into the thriller/horror/drama area which is always fantastic. This is another film I’ve been excited for since it was announced, Florence Pugh is one of the leads and it seems to be like Darren Aronofsky’s film Mother! First reactions are September 5th at the Venice Film Festival so we will know how it is very soon!

1. Pearl – September 16th (Theaters) Ti West has already given horror fans X a fantastic slasher film that completely captured the 70s and 80s slasher era. Pearl serves as a prequel with Mia Goth returning as the lead who will not doubt hit it out of the park yet again. X is still one of my absolute favorite films of the year and I have no doubt Ti West will hit another homerun!

And that’s it for the list! Lots of great stuff here that I’m truly excited for!!

Most Anticipated Films Of August 2022!

Another month in the books! August is up next and has quite a few films that have a lot of potential to be really fun and fantastic. As always I’ll quickly list films I’ve already seen that I highly recommend checking out!

Resurrection – August 5th (VOD)

I Love My Dad – August 12th (VOD)

Emily The Criminal – August 12th (Theaters)

Girl Picture – August 12th (Theaters)

Breaking (formally known as 892) – August 26th (Theaters)

Now for the list!

18. Maneater – August 26th (VOD)

17. They/Them – August 5th (Peacock)

16. 13: The Musical – August 12th (Netflix)

15. Allegoria – August 2nd (Shudder)

14. Glorious – August 18th (Shudder)

13. Orphan: First Kill – August 19th (Paramount+)

12. What Josiah Saw – August 4th (Shudder)

11. When I Consume You – August 16th (VOD)

10. Samaritan – August 26th (Amazon Prime Video)

9. Thirteen Lives – August 5th (Amazon Prime Video)

8. Beast – August 19th (Theaters)

7. Fall – August 12th (Theaters)

6. The Invitation – August 26th (Theaters)

5. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – August 19th (Theaters)

4. Both Sides Of The Blade – August 23rd (VOD)

3. Prey – August 5th (Hulu)

2. Three Thousands Years Longing – August 31st (Theaters)

1. Bodies Bodies Bodies – August 5th (Limited Theaters) August 12th (Wide)

And that’s the list!! Which films are you excited for?

Most Anticipated Films Of July 2022!

June flew by and what a great month it was for film, It’s time for a new month and as usual I’m listing films that I think look pretty interesting, but first I’ll list films that I have already seen whether that be from early screenings, Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW and so on that I highly recommend checking out. But unlike previous months there is only one film this time around which is of course.

Fire Of Love – July 6th (Theaters)

Next here’s the list!

20. Moloch – July 21st (Shudder)

19. Persuasion – July 15th (Netflix)

18. Incantation – July 8th (Netflix)

17. Valley Of The Dead or Malnazidos – July 11th (Netflix)

16. Alone Together – July 22nd (Theaters) and July 29th (VOD)

15. Rubikon – July 1st (VOD)

14. Good Madam – July 14th (Shudder)

13. American Carnage – July 15th (VOD)

12. Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down – July 15th (Theaters)

11. Anything Possible – July 22nd (Amazon Prime Video)

10. Medusa – July 29th (Theaters)

9. She Will – July 15th (VOD)

8. Don’t Make Me Go – July 15th (Amazon Prime Video)

7. Thor Love And Thunder – July 8th (Theaters)

6. The Princess – July 1st (Hulu)

5. Moon 66 Questions – July 8th (Theaters)

4. Not Okay – July 29th (Hulu)

3. Where The Crawdads Sing – July 15th (Theaters)

2. Both Sides Of The Blade – July 8th (Theaters)

1. Nope – July 22nd (Theaters)

And that’s the list for July, there’s a lot more coming out as well so July will be a busy month. Oh yeah it’s my birthday month too (July 5th to be exact).

Most Anticipated Films Of June 2022!

We are now at the halfway point of 2022 and so far it’s been a pretty strong year for film and June looks like it will continue to deliver hits! Before we get into the list here are some movies that I have already seen that I highly recommend checking out!

Sewer Gators – June 3rd (VOD Platforms) I did a review for this one a few days ago, sure it might not be a good movie but it’s such a hilariously bad movie that I can’t help include it.

Poser – June 3rd (Theaters)

Watcher – June 3rd (Theaters) and June 21st (VOD Platforms)

Pleasure – June 7th (VOD Platforms)

Cha Cha Real Smooth – June 17th (Apple TV+)

Slash/Back – June 24th (VOD Platforms)

Now here’s the list!

13. Unhuman – June 3rd (VOD Platforms)

12. Flux Gourmet – June 24th (VOD Platforms)

11. Dashcam – June 3rd (VOD Platforms)

10. Official Competition – June 17th (Theaters)

9. Good Luck to you, Leo Grande – June 17th (Hulu)

8. Lightyear – June 17th (Theaters)

7. Elvis – June 24th (Theaters)

6. Happening – June 21st (VOD)

5. Mad God – June 16th (Shudder)

4. The Black Phone – June 24th (Theaters)

3. Dinner In America – June 7th (VOD)

2. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – June 24th (Theaters)

1. Crimes Of The Future – June 3rd (limited Theaters) and June 10th (Wide Theater release)

Most Anticipated Films Of May 2022!

April was another incredibly strong month for film, in fact so far this year has already had tons of great films. And it seems like May will keep that up quite well! Before we get to my most anticipated films of the month here’s some films I’ve already seen but I highly recommend checking out!

Inbetween Girl – May 3rd (VOD Platforms)

On The Count Of Three – May 13th (Theaters and VOD Platforms)

Pleasure – May 13th (Theaters)

Hatchling – May 17th (VOD Platforms)

Emergency – May 20th (Theaters) and May 27th (Amazon Prime Video)

Now let’s get into the list!

15. The Twin – May 6th (Shudder)

14. The Sadness – May 12th (Shudder)

13. All My Puny Sorrows – May 3rd (VOD Platforms)

12. Hold Your Fire – May 20th (VOD Platforms)

11. Downtown Abbey: A New Era – May 20th (Theaters)

10. The Bob’s Burgers Movie – May 27th (Theaters)

9. Happening – May 6th (Theaters)

8. Belle – May 3rd (VOD Platforms)

7. Montana Story – May 13th (Theaters)

6. The Innocents – May 13th (VOD Platforms)

5. Top Gun Maverick – May 27th (Theaters)

4. Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness – May 6th (Theaters)

3. Lux Aterna – May 6th and May 13th (Theaters)

2. Petite Maman – May 6th (Theaters)

1. Men – May 20th (Theaters)

Most Anticipated Films Of April 2022!

March was a long but incredibly strong month for film, giving the likes of Batman, X, Fresh, After Yang, Topside, Turning Red and many others. So now we move on to April a month that also looks like it could be really strong.

As usual I’m leaving out films I have already seen however there are two films that are quite fantastic that I do highly recommend checking out this month which are.

Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off – April 5th (HBO and HBO Max)

We’re All Going To The World’s Fair – April 15th (Theater) and April 22nd (VOD)

With that said here’s my most anticipated for April 2022!

14. Ambulance – April 8th (Theater)

13. The Bubble – April 1st (Netflix)

12. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Childhood – April 1st (Netflix)

11. Charlotte – April 22nd (Theater)

10. The Bad Guys – April 22nd (Theaters)

9. Bubble – April 28th (Netflix)

8. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – April 8th (Theaters)

7. Cow – April 8th (VOD)

6. The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent – April 22nd (Theaters)

5. Memoria -April 1st (Theater) yes I will be counting this is a 2022 film, giving a very limited release when there was four days left last year is very unfair to the film.

4. Petite Maman – April 22nd (Theaters)

3. Everything Everywhere All At Once – April 8th (Theaters)

2. Vortex – April 29th (Theaters)

1. The Northman – April 22nd (Theaters)

And that wraps it up here!!! What is your most anticipated film of April 2022? What movies do you plan on seeing?

Most Anticipated Films Of March 2022!

Hello friends, we are now in a new month! Picking out the films I’m excited for this month wasn’t too bad. I have already seen a few films that I do highly recommend checking out which are After Yang, Fresh and All My Friends Hate Me!

1. The Batman – March 4th (Theaters) 

2. X – March 18th (Theaters)

3. Everything Everywhere All At Once – March 25th (Theaters)

4. Where is Anne Frank? – March 18th (Theaters I believe if it comes out on VOD platforms I’ll be sure to include that in my review!)

5. Mothering Sunday – March 25th (Theaters) and for the love of god just release already!

6. Windfall – March 18th (Netflix)

7. Umma – March 18th (Theaters) take this one with a grain of salt, while Sony did say that it’s coming out in March there has been very little information about it.

8. Topside – March 25th (VOD)

9. Turning Red – March 11th (Disney+)

10. Master – March 18th (Amazon Prime Video)

11. Deep Water – March 18th (Hulu)

12. Calendar Girls – March 8th (VOD)

13. Olivia Rodrigo Driving Home 2 U A Sour Film – March 25th (Disney+)

14. You Are Not My Mother – March 25th (VOD)

And that is the most anticipated films of March list! What are your thoughts? What’s your most anticipated films for this month?