Enola Holmes 2 is a slightly better than the first movie.

Enola Holmes takes on her first case as a detective, but to unravel the mystery of a missing girl, she’ll need some help from friends — and brother Sherlock.

I really don’t have a whole lot to say here..Enola Holmes 2 is a sequel to Enola Holmes which came out in 2020, a movie that I found to be pretty okay for what it is, Enola Holmes 2 is definitely an upgrade from it’s predecessor although not that much has changed. There’s still the incredibly charming performances from Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill that completely steal the show throughout the film, where as the first movie felt more of a background movie this one offers more depth to the characters. We actually get some character moments that do add certain character arcs, the fourth wall breaking does get to be a bit much after awhile as it does tend to repeat the same sort of jokes that other movies have. The running time combined with the pacing in some areas also tend to drag a bit, but there’s a lot of genuinely charming bits here that make up for it!

Enola Holmes 2 is available on Netflix.

7/10 B

The Good Nurse has a thrilling atmosphere with great performances.

Nurse Amy Loughren is shocked when Charlie Cullen, one of her colleagues, is foound responsible for the murder of dozens of patients over a period of sixteen years, across two states and nine hospitals, without being charged.

The Good Nurse is based off of a 2013 book of the same name by Charles Graeber which the book is about serial killer Charles Cullen. The true story of The Good Nurse is quite disturbing and I highly recommend reading about the case as it is very interesting. Right off the bat Jessica Chastain gives a really strong performance, she puts a lot of heart and emotion into the role that really captures her role. Eddie Redmayne is actually quite great here, it’s been awhile since he’s given a very solid performance but he really hits out of the park during the third act where he actually becomes very intimidating. It’s a great transformation of his performance that goes from being kind enough to downright chilling, while the writing during the first two acts isn’t anything to write home about. The third act on the other hand really pushes the movie into a thrilling atmosphere that invests the viewer quite well, the movie is just barely over 2 hours which does start to drag a bit during the second act. But luckily the movie quickly does get a lot better as it goes on, overall The Good Nurse is a solid enough crime drama with some very thrilling moments that I would recommend.

The Good Nurse is available on Netflix.

7/10 B

Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial….why?

Follows the tumultuous relationship in and out of court of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

I knew someone was going to jump at the chance of capitalizing off of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, what I did not expect was it to be this soon. Hot Take: The Depp/Heard trial is a Tubi original movie that was announced a few days before release (as far as I know) at first I thought it was some sort of documentary or maybe just someone sharing their opinion about the trail. But it’s actually a biopic (sort of) of the trial, what I don’t get is the name. “Hot Take” implies that the movie is going to say something against an opinion many people have, yet the movie never does that it simply plays out the events of what happened during the trial even throwing in moments that a lot of people remember. It does this back and forth between the present and the past of Heard and Depp’s relationship, the movie itself is just garbage there’s no other way to describe it. There’s no effort, soul or any sort of thought put into it at all. The movie attempts to try and throw in Tiktok humor into it, which I do agree that there definitely is a conversation to be had about how Tiktoker’s and some social media influencers profited off of the case in very gross ways. But that’s not what the movie is doing here, it’s throwing random shady comments that the writers thought were hilarious. The acting is just not good at all, while there might be one or two moments where Mark Hapka and Megan Davis play Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fine enough, those moments are quickly destroyed with either going way too over the top or have the energy of a terrible YouTube fan film. Overall if you are going to watch the trial, watch it on YouTube how anyone thought this was a good idea is truly baffling. Whether you supported Johnny Depp or Amber Heard I think everyone can agree that this movie is horrendous.

Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial is available on Tubi.

Disgrace To Cinema F

The Outfit is a suspenseful ride from beginning to end!

Leonard is an English tailor who makes suits on London’s famous Savile Row. He must outsmart a dangerous group of criminals to survive a fateful night.

The Outfit is an interesting little movie that keeps the viewer guessing on which direction it’s going, first and foremost the acting all around is really strong. Especially from Mark Rylance who really does a fantastic job of keeping the viewer in the film, the one location thriller element really works here as well. It’s one of my favorite types of elements or style that a film can do and The Outfit makes sure to build upon that and add even more to it. As I said before the movie does a really good job of making the viewer keep guessing which direction it’s going to go, just when you think you have figured the film out it goes into a completely different direction. The writing and direction are both quite fantastic and compliment each other beautifully, the film becomes an old fashion crime thriller that is very effective due to the pacing and performances. Graham Moore really understands the genre quite well he took something that has been done before but went in many different directions, go into this one knowing as little as possible. One of the biggest surprises so far this year.

The Outfit is available on all VOD Platforms!

8/10 B+

Windfall combines character moments with suspenseful atmosphere!

A man breaks into a tech billionaire’s empty vacation home, but things go sideways when the arrogant mogul and his wife arrive for a last-minute getaway.

Windfall is Netflix’s first great film of 2022 and that’s mostly due to the cast and the atmosphere. Jesse Plemons, Jason Segel and Lily Collins (definitely one of her best performances) all do a fantastic job here and have wonderful chemistry between one another. They each add their own strength to the film and make it all the more suspenseful, the film definitely feels a lot like Funny Games (1997) only that it’s much less disturbing. The atmosphere of the film is really strong, as it goes on it gets more and more suspenseful until the whole thing explodes at the ending which is a huge payoff. The direction from Charlie McDowell is also really well done, we explore each of the characters and really dive into their minds. I will say that Windfall is certainly not going to be for everyone, but is definitely something worth watching if the plot interests you!

Windfall is available on Netflix!

7/10 B

Kimi is a suspenseful thriller that will make you even more paranoid about technology.

A tech worker with agoraphobia discovers recorded evidence of a violent crime, but is met with resistance when she tries to report it. Seeking justice, she must do the thing she fears the most: she must leave her apartment.

Steven Soderbergh explores many different types of genres and it’s something I truly respect him for even if they don’t always work. Kimi is a thriller a genre that Soderbergh is does really well and that shows here, Zoë Kravitz gives a very strong performance that actually keeps things grounded, combine her performance with Soderbergh’s direction and you truly get something special. The pacing is absolutely fantastic here, this is the type of pacing that I wish more thrillers attempted, you have such a nicely paced film that is both suspenseful and energetic as well. The atmosphere is some of the most suspenseful I’ve felt from a thriller in quite some time, it has that good old fashion Soderbergh thrilling atmosphere to it. Then there’s the camerawork which Soderbergh continues to prove that he’s a mastermind behind the camera, each shot has it’s own identity and truly feels special in a unique way. The film combines themes of paranoia and technology both and does both those themes very well, it captures why we feel paranoid about technology. Such examples we ask ourselves are Who’s watching? Who’s listening? and so on, Kimi is also a film that actually uses the premise of Siri or Alexa in a clever way. The film goes for a more serious tone with using the two with some very strong writing as well, overall Kimi is so far one of the best films of the year and is absolutely something that you should check out!

Kimi is available on HBO Max!

9/10 A

Death On The Nile is a heavily flawed but entertaining murder mystery film.

While on vacation on the Nile, Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress.

Death On The Nile wasn’t something I was particularly excited to watch, I liked Murder On The Orient Express fine enough but it wasn’t something that I would ever come back to. The exact same can be said with Death On The Nile, the movie opens with a very goofy backstory that I just couldn’t help but laugh at after that however is when the movie takes a good while to get going. I’ve heard the first murder doesn’t happen until like 100 pages in the book which explains why it takes awhile to get going. However the issue isn’t really the fact the first murder doesn’t happen until awhile the major issue is that the first half of the movie is just not that interesting, there’s definitely a few decent moments that come from some of the cast particularly Kenneth Branagh, Annette Bening, Emma MacKay (especially her she absolutely slays it), Letitia Wright, Sophie Okonedo and Tom Batemen. Everyone else rangers from being terrible (Gal Gadot) or nothing special at all (Armie Hammer). After the movie finally gets going it’s quite entertaining and does a really decent job of making the viewer follow the mystery, it definitely is on the predictable side even if you haven’t read the book, but that really doesn’t take away from the acting bits, some very engaging writing and some overall very strong direction. The atmosphere is also pretty strong as well, it captures the type of feel you want from a murder mystery. The visuals are a bit distracting and do not fit the movie at all, they try to go for this glossy type look which works well in other films but definitely not here. Despite Emma MacKay not getting much to do, she absolutely steals the show here, every single time she’s on screen she captures the spirit of her character and goes all out in her performance. It’s nice to see Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot again he did an excellent job in Orient Express and he does an excellent job here, especially when he shares the screen with Tom Bateman who plays Bouc. The two just work together really well and bring some genuinely funny scenes and one touching scene in particular. Overall Death On The Nile is very flawed but entertaining murder mystery, it’s not going to break any new ground and I definitely don’t see myself ever coming back to it. However it is a very decent watch and could have easily been a whole lot worse. If you liked Murder On The Orient Express chances are you will like Death On The Nile!

Death On The Nile release tomorrow in theaters!

6/10 C+

Clean is another bad John Wick clone.

Tormented by his past, a garbage man named Clean attempts a quiet life of redemption. But, soon finds himself forced to reconcile with the violence of his past.

Clean is a very odd mishmash of trying to go for the style of You Were Never Really Here and the entertainment feel of John Wick. Mixing both these together in such a lazy and uninspired way results in a movie that really does not have a lot going for it, Adrien Brody is fine in the role he does the best he can with the role (he’s actually one of the writers), the movie’s main issue is that it acts like it’s so much more than it really is. It tries to have this deep meaning to it which results in a very clunky and ridiculous dialogue, with that said Clean isn’t the absolute worst action movie. If you take away some of the more artsy elements it’s a very generic action movie.

Clean is available on all VOD Platforms.

4/10 D+

Nightmare Alley is a hauntingly beautiful from Guillermo Del Toro!

In 1940s New York, down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle endears himself to a clairvoyant and her mentalist husband at a traveling carnival. Using newly acquired knowledge, Carlisle crafts a golden ticket to success by swindling the elite and wealthy. Hoping for a big score, he soon hatches a scheme to con a dangerous tycoon with help from a mysterious psychiatrist who might be his most formidable opponent yet.

Back when Guillermo Del Toro won best director for The Shape Of Water at the Oscars I was truly happy, I’ve always been a huge fan mostly due to him being one of the most interesting filmmakers currently working today. Nightmare Alley is the definition of a Guillermo Del Toro film although it is a remake of the 1947 film of the same name he manages to make it his own, the cast does a fantastic job Bradley Cooper is one of the big standouts here. He does something completely different from some of his other roles and it’s truly an amazing sight. The movie itself compliments this by showing a man who was once rational, to a power hunger man who wants money to someone who completely lost it. Bradley Cooper does a fantastic job of showing all three of these transformations in a very detailed and at times scary way. Cate Blanchett’s performance feels like a performance from the classic era of Hollywood took a time machine and transported itself to 2021. In other words the performance is incredible and hauntingly beautiful in every way possible, the rest of the cast is truly strong in Rooney Mara and Willem Dafoe (who I think was born for these types of roles) in particular. The film is hauntingly gorgeous, it’s a type of element that Guillermo Del Toro always masters at making the film look haunting but at the same time beautiful. His direction is also top notch, making the performances come off as genuine as possible while creating some real dramatized performances that feel intimidating to the viewer. It’s truly fascinating to see how much Guillermo Del Toro makes this film his own, from the different types of locations to the characters it’s absolutely wonderful to witness. The whole theme of seeing a man go from rational to completely unrecognizable truly fits Guillermo Del Toro’s style and he truly mastered it here, it’s even the little things such as a few mannerisms thrown in there that truly make this film go a long way. Overall Nightmare Alley is a film I highly recommend, truly fascinating and as I said multiple times hauntingly beautiful!

Nightmare Alley is available in Theaters!

10/10 A+

The Card Counter is a meditative and hypnotic beautiful film!

William Tell is a gambler and former serviceman who sets out to reform a young man seeking revenge on a mutual enemy from their past. Tell just wants to play cards. His spartan existence on the casino trail is shattered when he is approached by Cirk, a vulnerable and angry young man seeking help to execute his plan for revenge on a military colonel. Tell sees a chance at redemption through his relationship with Cirk.

The Card Counter is definitely one of the more underrated films of 2021, it’s a movie I rarely ever see get brought up outside of a few people. Which is a shame because it’s really quite great, for starters the film does a magnificent job of building it’s characters. The pacing compliments that really well to give the viewer some very grounded characters that pull you in, Oscar Isaac and Tiffany Haddish in particular do a fantastic job. Both of which have really strong chemistry between one and another and absolutely steal the show when they are on screen together. The film is very meditative as well as being hypnotic which is to be expected from a film by Paul Schrader, The Card Counter is a dreamlike film that feels very real. From the actions of the characters to how they feel it’s a very nice combination of dreamlike and rawness, the writing is also incredibly strong with a handful of powerhouse moments to really set the tone for the rest of the film! Overall The Card Counter is a fantastic film that If you haven’t already definitely check this one out!

The Card Counter is available on all VOD Platforms!

8/10 B+