Quick Reviews: Witch House, Final Caller and 3 Demons

Graduate student Alice Gilman moves into the Hannah house, a historic home with an ominous reputation. Determined to prove the possibility of different dimensions, she unknowingly unlocks a gateway to unimaginable horror.

If you want to adapt H.P. Lovecraft you have to make it interesting and atmospheric, unfortunately that’s not what you get with Witch House. It’s a very indistinguishable from a lot of other traditional haunted house movies, the only way you could really know this is an adaption of one of Lovecraft’s works is the title of the movie. The acting and writing don’t do it Justice at all, granted there’s a few unintentional hilarious moments but there’s just not a whole lot going on here to warrant a watch. The setting is sort of neat but that’s really where the praise ends for me.

Witch House releases tomorrow on all VOD Platforms.

2/10 F

Roland Bennett, an obnoxious late-night radio personality specializing in the supernatural is not having a good night. A visit from his soon-to-be ex-wife brings divorce papers to the station, a boss is listening in due to complaints, and a call from self proclaimed serial killer “The Outsider” who threatens to kill a woman live on the air. Being live on the air tonight will spell death for all involved.

The first half of Final Caller fell into the realm of “it’s so bad it’s hilarious” territory which was definitely a lot of fun, the cast seemed like they had a blast while making this movie so that’s always a plus. The main problem is the second half where the whole joke of the main character Ronald Bennett (played by Douglas Epps) is a huge asshole and politically incorrect starts to run out of steam, mostly due to make the exact same sort of jokes over and over again. There’s some actually okay gore in the movie surprisingly but that’s really about where the movie ends, there’s better options out there but if your looking for a laugh I guess this isn’t the worst choice you could pick.

Final Caller releases tomorrow on all VOD Platforms.

3/10 D-

A widowed deputy must confront his own demons after inadvertently summoning strange and sinister forces.

3 Demons has some interesting ideas and does have some Evil Dead like elements in it, it’s just a shame the movie itself isn’t very good. It’s what you expect from a very low budget straight to VOD horror movie, from the acting to the writing it’s very messy and never delivers on it’s own ideas.

3 Demons releases tomorrow on all VOD Platforms.

2/10 F

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a decent series filled with enjoyable battles.

The Jedi Master contends with the consequences of his greatest defeat — the downfall and corruption of his one-time friend and apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, who turned to the dark side as evil Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is the newest Star Wars series that finished recently, the series takes place ten years after Revenge Of The Sith. We follow Obi-Wan Kenobi who’s went into hiding for awhile but is brought back up once a task to protect Princess Leia is given. I’ll start with what the series does right and the most obvious is the acting, everyone involved does a really solid job. Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan is once again brilliant, Vivien Lyra Blair as Princess Leia is actually pretty charming and captures some of the mannerisms that Leia would go on to have. Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader is fantastic and James Earl Jones doing his iconic voice for Vader is brilliant as ever, this series really makes Vader quite terrifying and shows just how intimidating he always has been as a villain. Lastly there’s Moses Ingram who does a solid job as Reva, the filming is quite nice combined with the atmosphere the film gives. If there’s a major thing the series lacked on is it doesn’t really feel complete, there’s some characters that could have easily gotten more development had it not been only 6 episodes. There’s definitely parts of the writing where they hint at the idea of diving a little deeper but never fully go through with it, the finale is definitely the standout as there is a very strong final battle that the series has been building up to. Some of the action scenes during the series are quite great, one notable one is Obi-Wan first meeting Darth Vader. That’s the one that truly made Vader terrifying, overall Obi-Wan Kenobi is not a bad series! It’s by far one of the better Star Wars TV series to come out and is pretty enjoyable for what it is.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is available on Disney+

7/10 B

Montana Story is a calmingly beautiful experience!

Two estranged siblings return home to the sprawling ranch they once knew and loved in order to care for their ailing father.

Montana Story is a film I wanted to like a lot more than I did, but from what’s presented it’s a very decent movie. For starters Haley Lu Richardson and Owen Teague are both fantastic in the leading roles, they have great chemistry between one another most of the heavy lifting comes from Richardson who’s always a powerhouse whenever she’s on screen in anything she’s in. The 35mm camera combined with the setting is beautiful and really captures a calming atmosphere that brings the viewer into the film, what hurts the movie a bit is mostly how the film wraps up. There’s definitely some powerful moments in there but it seemed like the movie was building up to something bigger and sort of just dumped it all in a very short span, plus the pacing is way too slow a lot of the time that could definitely take you out of the film. However Montana Story is a very well made film that I do recommend checking out.

Montana Story is available on all VOD Platforms.

7/10 B

Beauty has a great message but is poorly executed.

A young singer on the brink of a promising career finds herself torn between a domineering family, industry pressures and her love for her girlfriend.

I very much agree with what Beauty is trying to say and it’s message, being that the music industry can treat singers horribly and some experiences are flat out terrible. The issue is how the movie goes about telling the viewer about it, Niecy Nash and the cast are great in their roles but none of the characters are given any interesting character growth. Leading to writing which is very minimal and not much to work with, the family drama bit while well acted is very by the numbers we have seen before in other success stories, you have the dad who wants to use his daughter and the mother who’s hard their daughter but is still caring. Even the main character played by Niecy Nash isn’t given any development at all, plus there’s a lot of editing decisions that come completely out of left field and don’t match the tone of the movie at all. Overall there’s definitely some good ideas in Beauty it’s just not happening unfortunately.

Beauty is available on Netflix

4/10 D+

Cryo is a below average Cube clone.

After awakening from a cryogenic sleep, five scientists awaken trapped in an underground facility with no memories of their past. As they ucover the truth, the scientists find themselves being hunted by someone.

Not a whole lot to comment on here, Cryo is a student film and there was clearly a huge amount of effort put into it that’s very commendable. The atmosphere is quite great and I do like the premise of it, even if it’s very much like The Cube, the major problems are the paper thin characters who just don’t have a whole lot going for them. And the running time which is for whatever reason nearly 2 hours long, combine that with some very messy pacing and you get a huge mixed bag of a movie. The acting is at least decent and the writing is actually not that bad, it’s just when it comes to character development is where the movie really lacks.

Cryo is available on all VOD Platforms.

5/10 C

Family Camp is about as fun as summer school.

Two polar-opposite families find themselves sharing a cabin for a week away at camp. With the highly coveted camp trophy at stake, dads Tommy and Eddie end up lost in the woods.

Family Camp is one of those movies where it released and nobody talked about it at all, it’s like it didn’t exist and I can easily see why. I’ll give it this…it’s not the God’s Not Dead type of Christian movie, but that’s honestly not saying much when you look at the quality of the movie. The best thing about this mess is Leigh-Allyn Baker who gives a fine enough performance but isn’t enough to make the viewer look past everything else, the writing is truly awful there isn’t one moment here that feels sincere or meaningful. A lot of it is if you took every bad cliche from the early 2000s family movie era, mixed it all together and this is what you would get. One of the worst things a movie can be is annoying and that’s what this movie is like, the writing mixed with the characters is grating and gets you in the “can this movie please be over” type of mood.

Family Camp is available on all VOD Platforms.

Disgrace To Cinema F

Most Anticipated Films Of July 2022!

June flew by and what a great month it was for film, It’s time for a new month and as usual I’m listing films that I think look pretty interesting, but first I’ll list films that I have already seen whether that be from early screenings, Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW and so on that I highly recommend checking out. But unlike previous months there is only one film this time around which is of course.

Fire Of Love – July 6th (Theaters)

Next here’s the list!

20. Moloch – July 21st (Shudder)

19. Persuasion – July 15th (Netflix)

18. Incantation – July 8th (Netflix)

17. Valley Of The Dead or Malnazidos – July 11th (Netflix)

16. Alone Together – July 22nd (Theaters) and July 29th (VOD)

15. Rubikon – July 1st (VOD)

14. Good Madam – July 14th (Shudder)

13. American Carnage – July 15th (VOD)

12. Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down – July 15th (Theaters)

11. Anything Possible – July 22nd (Amazon Prime Video)

10. Medusa – July 29th (Theaters)

9. She Will – July 15th (VOD)

8. Don’t Make Me Go – July 15th (Amazon Prime Video)

7. Thor Love And Thunder – July 8th (Theaters)

6. The Princess – July 1st (Hulu)

5. Moon 66 Questions – July 8th (Theaters)

4. Not Okay – July 29th (Hulu)

3. Where The Crawdads Sing – July 15th (Theaters)

2. Both Sides Of The Blade – July 8th (Theaters)

1. Nope – July 22nd (Theaters)

And that’s the list for July, there’s a lot more coming out as well so July will be a busy month. Oh yeah it’s my birthday month too (July 5th to be exact).

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande is a meaningful film with wonderful conversations.

Retired widow Nancy Stokes hires a good-looking young sex worker called Leo Grande, in the hope of enjoying a night of pleasure and self-discovery after an unfulfilling married life.

The best word to describe Good Luck To You, Leo Grande is surprising, this is most certainly not what I expected and I mean that in the best possible way. I’m pretty sure I’ve said before how I like films where all the movie is you have a couple characters who have multiple conversations with each other and that’s it. This film is exactly that and uses that premise quite well, it works mainly due to multiple factors at play first being the acting combined with the chemistry. Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack both do an excellent job in their roles, both performances come off as very raw, genuine and actually quite beautiful. The chemistry is beautifully done it’s very intimate to the point where the viewer feels like they are right there sitting with the two, the film itself enjoys the topics that are discussed such as sex, emotions, self-acceptance and so on. Director Sophie Hyde makes sure to keep this grounded as possible and even includes more taboo topics, it’s a huge key of making this as realistic as possible. There’s so much charm and affection with this film I know I have said this already but Thompson and McCormack truly make this film, they completely capture what it’s like to have intimate conversations while also showing tons of emotions as well. There’s so much beauty to this film that is truly masterful, I’m sure this film is going to go under a lot of people’s radar so I highly recommend giving this one a watch.

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande is available on Hulu.

9/10 A

Beavis and Butt-Head do the Universe brings back the duo to the modern age wonderfully!

Blasting off on a NASA space mission in 1998, mischievous best pals Beavis and Butt-head time travel to the year 2022. As the NSA and U.S. government try to track them down, the clueless teens do their best to adjust to modern life.

If you are going to bring back certain characters such as Beavis and Butt-Head into the modern setting this is absolutely the way to do it. Beavis and Butt-Head Do The Universe is exactly what you would expect and in a good way, the humor, style and feel of the series is still here in all of it’s glory. The movie focuses on certain types of humor such as some Sci-Fi humor and politic humor however it doesn’t take away from the humor we all expect from Beavis and Butt-Head. It’s such a creative and strong balance one doesn’t feel like it’s being completely shoved aside, the film also understands what made the series so great and in fact makes that known in the film, with tons of clever humor while making sure the characters just as enjoyable as they were In the series. Beavis and Butt-Head do the universe is such a treat and an absolute blast, definitely check this one out!!

Beavis And Butt-Head Do The Universe is available on Paramount+

8/10 B+

Flux Gourmet is a bizarre dish.

Set at an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance, a collective finds itself embroiled in power struggles, artistic vendettas and gastrointestinal disorders.

Peter Strickland has made yet another very strange movie and I think I liked it quite a bit, Flux Gourmet features a lot of absurdism and isn’t shy about it at all. From the characters, atmosphere and the writing it’s one very strange experience, the acting from the cast is quite great Gwendoline Christie in particular gives a pretty unique performance that captures the movie’s spirit, Asa Butterfield actually gives one of the best performances of his career. The writing has a very comedic yet bizarre nature to it that’s really fascinating to listen to and watch play out, there’s definitely a lot of slow burn elements that are most certainly not going to be for everyone, especially given just how bizarre this movie ends up getting. However it’s still a very interesting watch that I do recommend.

Flux Gourmet is available on all VOD Platforms.

7/10 B