The Craft Legacy (2020)

An eclectic foursome of aspiring teenage witches get more than they bargained for as they lean into their newfound powers.

The Craft Legacy sort of just appeared one day, granted talk about a sequel The Craft had been going for years but it never came to anything until 2020. To make it clear yes this is a sequel not a remake, but that really doesn’t matter much because the movie just sort of exists. The Craft Legacy is one of those sequels that isn’t necessarily bad as it is just there. The acting is fine enough everyone does the best they can with a very uninspiring and lazy script. The major problem with the script is that it’s one of those types of scripts where the writers have no idea how teenagers talk, a lot of it is basically what grown adults THINK teenagers talk like. Which is very embarrassing and really out of touch at times, the character development is just not there outside of Cailee Spaeny’s character, it’s real shame too because they really could have written a ton of interesting characters if they put much more effort into it. The final act feels like a huge mess it’s very clear they cut a lot of stuff out just to lead up to a sequel, which honestly feels desperate. I really don’t have much else, The Craft Legacy is the type of movie where you aren’t going to remember it by next week, I don’t recommend this one.

5/10 C

May The Devil Take You Too (2020)

Two years after escaping from demonic terror, the young woman is still haunted by unnatural vision. The dangers that await her and her friends are increasingly threatening: the figure of darkness rises to take their lives.

I’ve said it before but I love Timo Tjahjanto he directed some really strong films in the 2010s Killers, Headshot and The Night Comes For Us. I thought May The Devil Take You was alright but a huge step down from Tjahjanto’s previous work, I was very confused to why May The Devil Take You got a sequel but I thought it might be better. It’s pretty much the same thing as it’s predecessor, it still feels like an Evil Dead knockoff, it still doesn’t have much going for it outside of the cinematography and some of the acting. The writing is not so great, it really begs to be much stronger I feel like this movie goes towards the way too simplistic route. Which is perfectly okay in some cases but here the movie has a ton of ideas but never ends up using them. The third act is by far the best thing about this movie simply because it turns outlandish which is something a bit different, but overall there is really not much else to this movie. I’m still very confused as to why this got a sequel but it’s okay for what it is.

6/10 C+

Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight and Holidate (2020)

A group of technology-dependent teenagers goes to – offline camp. Common hiking in the woods without access to smartphones will not end, however, as planned by the organizers.

I thought I would never here the word “gay” be used as an insult in a film in 2020 but here we are I guess. The newest Netflix horror movie Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight is the most basic slasher movie, it doesn’t do anything new or interesting. It just copies off of what slasher films have done such as Friday The 13th and Wrong Turn, there is some great kills with some surprisingly great gore. But outside of that this is very bare bones. If you go into this movie only looking for a slasher film to watch then you might enjoy this one. However what really hurts this movie is the terrible writing, it attempts to be meta but completely fails. The movie also tries to throw in some humor that feels very dated or is just not funny at the slightest. Anyone looking for anything new or interesting in the slasher genre might want to sit this one out.

4/10 D+

Sloane and Jackson hate being single on holidays where they face constant judgment from their meddling families. So, when these two strangers meet, they pledge to be each other’s “holidate” for every festive occasion in the year ahead.

One particular genre of Netflix Original movies I really don’t like are the Holiday/Christmas ones. They are all almost the exact same thing, almost all of them are terrible and it feels like they are coming out earlier and earlier each year. To be absolutely fair Holidate isn’t that bad but that’s mostly due to Emma Roberts who is by far the best thing this movie has going for it. The writing is as predictable as you would expect, the story has been done several times before. Holidate does have some cute moments that do work thanks to some character development, but that there really is not that much else too Holidate. It’s harmless enough and definitely one of the better Netflix Holiday/Christmas movies but that’s not saying a whole lot.

5/10 C

Time (2020)

Fox Rich fights for the release of her husband, Rob, who is serving a 60-year sentence in prison.

Time is one of those documentaries that is sort of hard to actually review, as this is a very personal type documentary. As said in the plot it’s about Fox Rich fighting for the release of her husband, it is truly a powerful documentary that really gets to you. It’s an emotional ride that is really well put together by the editing combined with the directing, it also shows what happens when two people who absolutely love each other are separated, Fox shows every moment of the film how much she loves her husband. It shows that she wishes things could rewind where her husband can be with her every moment, every laugh, every birthday party, every accomplishment. This is when the film really gets you because you as the viewer know how much pain and sadness Fox must be going through. It’s actually like coming across someone and they are telling you their story, it truly captures everything so perfectly and beautifully to the point where you are truly at lost for words. If you haven’t seen Time yet I highly recommend to do so when you can, truly one of the best films of the year.

10/10 A+

On The Rocks (2020)

New York author and married mother-of-two Laura has become suspicious that her career-driven husband may be having an affair with a coworker, a speculation encouraged by her caddish, bon vivant father.

While On The Rocks might not be as good as some of Sofia Coppola’s other films such as Lost In Translation or The Beguiled it is still a fantastic film. First off Marlon Waynes gives his best performance in a VERY long time, this is the Marlon Waynes I missed. He truly does a very good job in his role, Rashida Jones and Bill Murray both do an excellent job in their roles as well. They give very raw and natural performances, the writing is pretty well done. It has this natural feel to it which comes off as if you are having an actual conversation with somebody it does add quite a bit to the film. The film itself is absolutely beautiful the filming is really well done especially when combined with the setting, it gives this relaxing type feel which I definitely feel fits the movie well. It’s such a relaxing type movie with a very smooth atmosphere that really stands out! Overall On The Rocks is a very strong addition to Sofia Coopla’s directing career, it’s beautiful, raw, natural and takes a simple story and makes it interesting! Definitely recommended!!

9/10 A

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)

Released from prison for bringing shame to his country, Kazakh funnyman Borat risks life and limb when he returns to America with his 15-year-old daughter.

An idea of Borat 2 was always a topic of discussion when it comes to “movie sequels that are bound to happen” it was just a matter of WHEN it would happen. Well given how unpredictable 2020 has been Borat 2 finally became a real thing, it just sort of came out of nowhere too which I do think this helps the movie in the long run. Anyway the film itself is quite hilarious I really haven’t laughed from a film that was a flat out comedy in a good while, Sacha Baron Cohen does a really good job as Borat once again and truly embodies the character. It reminds the viewer of why the first film worked so well, the second film works just as well. Sure there are some differences this movie has more of a plot rather than a Jackass type of style (although there’s plenty of those in the film too) but it really works due to the creativity. It isn’t just one of the same jokes over and over again they manage to tell the jokes in interesting and hilarious ways, Maria Bakalova is definitely going to be a in a lot more roles she was fantastic in her role and was also pretty hilarious! She really went all out in her role and truly put a lot into her character. What I found to be really great about all of this was the movie knew when to balance the jokes and the timing of the jokes, often times jokes in movies tend to go on for way too long or way too short giving the audience barely enough time to digest the joke. However in this movie it balances that out the jokes don’t go on for a long time but give the audience enough time to react and digest the joke in question, as I said before this is something that is hardly seen in a lot of comedies nowadays so it’s very refreshing to see! Overall Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a very strong sequel, as far as which one is better that is going to be entirely up to the viewer, both films do a few things differently so it’s going to depend on what the viewer prefers. I highly recommend giving this one a watch!!

9/10 A

Over The Moon (2020)

An adventurous girl builds a rocket ship to meet a mythical goddess on the moon.

Over The Moon was definitely a surprise, outside of Klaus there really isn’t anything else noteworthy of Netflix’s original animated movie department. Over The Moon is one of those movies that manages to standout among the crowd, this should go without saying but the animation is truly beautiful. It’s beautifully done and gives a lot of detail especially for the human characters, that’s where the animation really shines the most. I thought the whole theme of “trying to move on from a huge loss” was really done and was very well combined with the music in the film. A lot of the songs are actually quite great, there’s a lot of standouts that I can easily see being nominated. The singing from Cathy Ang is wonderful, she can truly sing her heart out as well as putting so much emotion into her voice. In fact I actually cried during a few moments during this film, because it really does start getting to you as the viewer. It’s a beautiful film that explores so much, but does it in the best way possible. The writing I felt had a lot of character moments that were important for the character development and I honestly thought all of the characters were a lot of fun and interesting. Overall I was really impressed with Over The Moon, it’s one of my favorite films of the year definitely check this one out!

9/10 A

Bad Hair (2020)

In 1989 an ambitious young woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. However, her flourishing career may come at a great cost when she realizes that her new hair may have a mind of its own.

Bad Hair is definitely a strange one, it’s really hard to makeout if I actually liked it or not. On one hand it does a few things pretty okay, such as some of the acting mostly due to Elle Lorraine. There’s the social commentary that I actually thought was better than the actual horror elements and the rest of the movie. Then on the other hand there’s a lot of moments that have a lot of mixed messages and the tone just sort of shifts all over the place, if Bad Hair were just some very silly B movie It would be a lot easier for the movie to get away with the tone. Because it’s just inconsistent there are times the movie wants to be taken seriously which is fine, then right after that there’s these very goofy moments that feel way too silly. Then there’s the ending that just kind of exists, it really does not really do much for the movie at all. I will say however that at least the movie is somewhat fun, when it’s not taking itself too seriously it’s actually fairly decent. The problem is that’s very far and few in between, as I said I’m stumped on this one. This is definitely not something you must see but if you are interested you could definitely check it out and see if you like it.

5/10 C

The Place Of No Words (2020)

A young boy battles the complexities of a grown-up world with his father.

This is a movie that has a lot of very interesting ideas and I do feel for the most part they worked! For starters given what the movie itself is about it was a clever idea that Mark Webber himself is in it (as well as directing the film) and his spouse Teresa Palmer and his son Bodhi Palmer. So the movie has this personal feeling too it which is quite beautiful, I do feel like this movie would have been a bit better if it were a short film however. At times it feels a little too long and certain scenes sort of felt unnecessary, as far as the acting and writing both are pretty strong. Nothing as amazing as the movie itself is hoping for but there are some genuinely beautiful scenes that really do standout. Some people are going to like this one, others are not going to find anything interesting about it. I do recommend giving this one a go!

7/10 B

After We Collided (2020)

Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever.

Those of you who know me or followed me for a long time know I like to watch almost any movie. I’ve already said this before but I’ll say it again for newcomers, I like to give every movie a chance to either impress, surprise or disappoint I also go into a movie with a positive attitude (most of the time)….however there is a downside to all of this when you have movies like After We Collided. After made number one on my Worst Films Of 2019 List and it wasn’t even close which is saying a lot considering the other movies that made the list. After We Collided somehow finds a way to be 100 times worse than that, first off let’s start with the exact same problems it shares with it’s predecessor. The acting is still complete garbage, I believe I said this in my After review and if I didn’t I’ll say it now Hero Fiennes Tiffin can not act, his performance is somehow even worse here. Not once does he land a single word of believability, everyone else is about the same Josephine Langford is again very poor, she’s definitely not as bad as Tiffin but that’s really not saying a whole lot. Another major problem is the writing, not once is there anything believable throughout the film, they threw in random curse words this time I guess to get the R rating?!? After We Collided like After also romanticizes abusive and unhealthy relationships, right at the first scene they try to get you to feel sorry for Hardin despite of how much of a complete and total piece of garbage he was in the previous film. They don’t even try to hide this either they do it upfront, the director is Roger Kumble director of Furry Vengeance…long story short his direction is garbage, uninspiring and horribly done. Now for the new issues which there aren’t that many because this movie has almost the same problems as the first movie, After We Collided pretty much goes like this…abusive relationship and sex throughout the movie until it ends which the ending sets up for a sequel….which was one of the most desperate attempts I have ever seen, the movie tries to throw in new characters but none of them serve any point other then to be comedic relief of one note characters who have no personality. Nobody in After We Collided has a character trait outside of being a walking talking cliche, this is exactly why After should have stayed as a fanfiction none of this was original to begin with when After was new it’s been done in other fanfictions. After We Collided also showcases some of the most pathetic excuse of writing I feel like this needs to be said again, not once in this entire movie did I feel anything was believable, not once did I feel connected with the characters all I was feeling throughout the movie was the feeling of “when is this going to be over?” Overall After We Collided is complete garbage and does everything a bad movie can do but 100 times worse, I was very confident nothing would beat Artemis Fowl when it came to worst film of the year. But that’s changed because After We Collided has dethroned Artemis Fowl and it’s not even close. The fact there is going to be a sequel disgusts me enough, it’s unbelievable how there’s truly beautiful films out there that get unnoticed but then you have garbage like After We Collided that studios attempt to shove down your throat.

Disgrace To Cinema F