Beast is a fun killer animal movie.

Recently widowed Dr. Nate Daniels and his two teenage daughters travel to a South African game reserve managed by Martin Battles, an old family friend and wildlife biologist. However, what begins as a journey of healing soon turns into a fearsome fight for survival when a lion, a survivor of bloodthirsty poachers, begins stalking them.

Reading the plot of Beast is exactly what you are going to get, it’s basically Idris Elba Vs a Lion but manages to actually be a bit more than that. Idris Elba gives a very solid performance in the leading role and completely sells this movie, Leah Jeffries and Iyana Hailey are both quite fantastic here and surprisingly deliver some heartfelt moments which the same can be said for Idris Elba. That’s the major part of Beast that’s pretty surprising there’s some genuinely touching heartfelt moments between Nate Samuels (Idris Elba) and his daughters Norah (Leah Jeffries) and Meredith (Iyana Hailey) that actually work really well here. The film has a thrilling atmosphere that combines it with it’s setting and filming creating a quite thrilling ride, there’s a bunch of long takes here that are pretty impressive and add quite a lot to the movie. It creates a huge amount of tension and makes a scene that could have been a bit forgettable far more memorable, Beast does have some writing moments that do hold it back from being better such as some of the character decisions being a bit too ridiculous. But that isn’t enough to stop Beast from being a very entertaining ride, while it might not be as good as The Shallows or Crawl as far as very recent good killer animal movies go. It’s still worthy of being considered a very solid movie to add to the genre!

Beast is available in theaters.

7/10 B

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