Quick Review: The Day After Halloween (2022)

Two lifelong buddies must unravel the circumstances that led to a corpse in their bathtub in the wake of a Halloween party.

The Day After Halloween is like if you took The Hangover and parts of Kevin Smith’s films and made them dreadfully unfunny, the pacing is dreadful to the point where it would be far more entertaining to watch pain dry. The acting is terrible as well as the writing there seems to be no sense of direction of where the story wants to go or wants to accomplish, the characters are one dimensional and have absolutely no interesting qualities to them. It doesn’t help that the movie has that “lol random events keep happening for the sake of trying to get a few laughs” type of style that a lot of movies don’t really use anymore (at least from what I’ve seen), this was a whole lot of nothing and just an overall painful time.

The Day After Halloween is available on all VOD Platforms.

Disgrace To Cinema F


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