Most Anticipated Films Of May 2022!

April was another incredibly strong month for film, in fact so far this year has already had tons of great films. And it seems like May will keep that up quite well! Before we get to my most anticipated films of the month here’s some films I’ve already seen but I highly recommend checking out!

Inbetween Girl – May 3rd (VOD Platforms)

On The Count Of Three – May 13th (Theaters and VOD Platforms)

Pleasure – May 13th (Theaters)

Hatchling – May 17th (VOD Platforms)

Emergency – May 20th (Theaters) and May 27th (Amazon Prime Video)

Now let’s get into the list!

15. The Twin – May 6th (Shudder)

14. The Sadness – May 12th (Shudder)

13. All My Puny Sorrows – May 3rd (VOD Platforms)

12. Hold Your Fire – May 20th (VOD Platforms)

11. Downtown Abbey: A New Era – May 20th (Theaters)

10. The Bob’s Burgers Movie – May 27th (Theaters)

9. Happening – May 6th (Theaters)

8. Belle – May 3rd (VOD Platforms)

7. Montana Story – May 13th (Theaters)

6. The Innocents – May 13th (VOD Platforms)

5. Top Gun Maverick – May 27th (Theaters)

4. Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness – May 6th (Theaters)

3. Lux Aterna – May 6th and May 13th (Theaters)

2. Petite Maman – May 6th (Theaters)

1. Men – May 20th (Theaters)

The Ice Age: Adventures Of Buck Wild is a unnecessary spinoff to an already messy series.

Buck, Crash, and Eddy try to keep the Lost World from being overtaken by dinosaurs.

What can I possibly say here? The Ice Age series should have ended after the third movie, after that the movies started getting worse and worse. Adventures Of Buck Wild feels like an extended TV episode of a Saturday morning cartoon, there’s some good moments in this movie the problem is a majority of them are at the beginning which afterwards the movie takes a complete nosedive. Out of all the characters to give a spin-off film why on earth did they pick the two most annoying and uninteresting characters Eddie and Crash? At least Buck was somewhat interesting and I actually liked him quite a lot in Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, so I didn’t mind him here. It’s just a shame he has to share the movie with Eddie and Crash, this movie is truly the definition of lazy. The only reason why Disney continued the Ice Age series was because of money and that completely shows here, say what you will about the last two sequels at least there were some sort of effort put into them. They just happened to be terrible movies, with this movie it feels like it’s only purpose is to make money. Overall Ice Age: Adventures Of Buck Wild is horrible, it’s a pointless and horribly dull entree into an already tired series that did not need to continue.

The Ice Age: Adventures Of Buck Wild is available on Disney+

2/10 F

The 355 is a a complete mess of a action movie that offers nothing new.

CIA agent Mason “Mace” Brown joins forces with a rival German agent, a cutting-edge computer specialist and a Colombian psychologist when a top-secret weapon falls into the hands of a group of mercenaries. Together, the four women embark on a breakneck mission to save the world while staying one step ahead of a mysterious figure who’s tracking their every move.

I mean this should not be a surprise to anyone that The 355 is a terrible action movie that brings absolutely nothing new to the genre. The main positive here is the cast Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Sebastian Stan, Fan Bingbing, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o and several others. While a lot of the performances feel incredibly phoned in that’s the least of the movie’s problems. The action scenes feel like a game of chase or capture the flag, they are so poorly put together with so many editing errors that keep happening over and over again. The direction from Simon Kinberg (Dark Phoenix) is horrendous and truly feels like the talent of the cast is wasted on several scenes that don’t evolve the plot at all, there’s no energy or sense of passion put into the action scenes. It feels like the equivalent of someone watching a 30 second YouTube video of a person doing fighting moves and they copy off of that without learning anything else about it. The plot is very predictable and really shows the lack of creativity this movie has, I really have no idea what they were trying to go for here. But whatever it was they failed miserably, I seriously can’t think of anything else to say about The 355 it’s yet another horrendous action movie that has no style and no creativity.

The 355 is available on all VOD Platforms!

2/10 F

The Requin will have you asking “where’s the shark?”

There’s terror in paradise when Jaelyn and Kyle travel to a remote seaside villa in Vietnam for a romantic getaway. A torrential storm descends, reducing the villa to little more than a raft and sweeping the young couple out to sea. Suddenly, another danger appears — a school of great white sharks. With her injured husband watching helplessly, Jaelyn must battle the deadly predators alone.

The Requin is honestly baffling this is the type of movie that fails on every single level and doesn’t even try to be anything decent. Immediately there really is not that much to this movie, however right from the beginning you get a taste of the horrible dialogue, not even Alicia Silverstone can save this movie from being an atrocious mess. 50 minutes into the movie l was left wondering “now wait a second isn’t this supposed to be a shark movie? Where’s the shark?” Well nine minutes later the shark appears, that’s right 59 minutes in out of a 90 minute movie and the shark appears…I’m not sure who’s bright idea that was but that’s truly an idiotic choice. It doesn’t help that the plot before the shark showed up was uninteresting, cliched and not memorable at all, how are you going to call this a shark movie when the shark doesn’t appear for most of the movie? Outside of that the acting, writing and directing are all garbage, it’s clear that nobody knew what to do with this movie so they randomly decided to throw as many ideas at a wall and see what sticks. This isn’t even a so bad it’s hilarious type shark movie, it’s one of those ones where it’s just not fun at all. The Requin feels like two completely different movies that accidentally got stitched together one survival movie and one shark movie. Do not get tricked by the poster you will not be watching something cool..

The Requin is available on all VOD Platforms.

Disgrace To Cinema F

Home Team fails to score big.

Two years after NFL head coach Sean Payton is suspended, he goes back to his hometown and finds himself reconnecting with his 12-year-old son by coaching his Pop Warner football team.

You know those movies where after you watch them you feel absolutely nothing? That’s how I feel about Home Team, granted it’s not one of the absolute worst of Happy Madison Productions. However the real story behind Sean Payton and Bountygate is far more interesting than this movie, the movie focuses on Payton coaching his 12 year son’s football team after getting suspended from the NFL. So I feel this is a complete missed opportunity, what follows is terrible humor, terrible acting from pretty much everyone besides Kevin James who seems to just enjoy doing these roles at this point and surprisingly Taylor Lautner. I’m not saying he gave anything special at all but when you compare him to everyone else you notice a difference. There’s this one scene where they actually have CGI vomit which is definitely a choice. The movie’s main issue is the tone being for inconsistent, it wants to tell a sports drama type of story but immediately cracks so many unfunny jokes. There are a few heartfelt moments that actually work quite well, but a lot of the time your restricted to very unfunny jokes with terrible dialogue. Home Team is overall just a terrible sports comedy that really adds nothing new.

Home Team is available on Netflix

3/10 D-

The Tragedy Of MacBeth is a hauntingly beautiful take of the source material.

A Scottish lord becomes convinced by a trio of witches that he will become the next King of Scotland. His ambitious wife will do anything to support him in his plans of seizing power.

The Tragedy Of MacBeth is the final 2021 I’m reviewing before I start finalizing my Top 100 Best Films Of 2021 list, so was the best saved for last? Well definitely one of the best, The Tragedy Of MacBeth is the first film that’s directed by one of the Coen Brothers (in this case Joel Coen) without the other’s involvement. Seeing this immediately got me interested plus I’m a huge fan of the source material itself. This new take is quite special in a lot of ways, for starters let’s get the obvious out of the way. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, there are times when using black and white in some movies comes off as very tacky or just doesn’t add anything to the film. But not here, not only does it add so much to the film itself it creates a new type of atmosphere that has yet to be seen in a MacBeth film adaption. It creates this horror type feel, it’s like the characters are in a white void with a ton of fog, it’s truly captivating and immediately draws your attention. Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand give such incredible performances, both give the most Shakespearean performances you can ask for while at the same time doing their own thing. It’s a fantastic combination two incredibly talented actors with fantastic source material. Kathryn Hunter as the witches is terrifyingly incredible, she does not hold back at all when trying to scare the viewer and adds to the cinematography. Her voice perfectly blends into the film in every single way possible, the writing is straight to the point and stays true to the source material. It highlights what makes the story so great and even adds to it as well, overall The Tragedy Of MacBeth is a very different adaption that is genuinely terrifying but completely stays true to the source material. Check this one out!

The Tragedy Of MacBeth is available on Apple TV+

10/10 A+

Swan Song is a interesting and thought provoking Sci-Fi film!

When a loving husband and father is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he’s presented with a controversial alternative solution to shield his family from his loss – replace himself with a carbon copy clone.

Swan Song was definitely a surprise, it’s a different type of Sci-Fi film than the genre is use to. It’s a film that explores the inner thoughts of humans as well as emotions, Mahershala Ali continues to show that he knows how to lead a movie. Ali in the leading role gives this film so much strength and character, It’s a very deep and almost feels personal type of performance that really sticks with you. The writing is really strong here, this is the type of writing where things could have easily gone horribly wrong and we would have been left with a very mediocre movie, luckily that’s not the case here because the writing Is very emotional and sticks with you. It examines how we feel or what we feel during situations it’s a special type of study about yourself. I do feel some of the other performances such as Awkwafina are on the weaker side, they most certainly aren’t bad at all, just nowhere near the level of Mahershala Ali. But really that’s not much of a huge issue because Swan Song is an incredibly solid film that I highly recommend giving a go!

Swan Song is available on Apple TV+

8/10 B+

Mother/Android is a disappointing robot apocalypse movie.

Georgia and Sam flee their country as the world battles artificial intelligence.

Mother/Android sounded really interesting on paper but execution wise…what happened here? I’m not exactly sure how you can make a robot apocalypse movie uninteresting and dull but somehow they did managed to do it here. Chloe Grace Moretz does a decent job in her role, the filming is actually not too bad and has some decent shots. The atmosphere is definitely there it’s just the use of it is not good, a lot of it falls into predictable territory combined with a very messy third act that is ridiculous in the worst way possible. The pacing is a drag as well, it doesn’t help that the movie focuses on scenes where it explains way too much to the audience. Which already makes the terrible twist even worse, the movie pretty much gives it away to you when Raúl Castillo’s character shows up. The writing outside of the third act was fine enough but it needed to be a lot stronger. Especially with trying to make audiences feel for the characters, because that just didn’t happen here unfortunately. Overall Mother/Android has it’s moments but is a huge misfire in the end.

Mother/Android is available on Hulu

4/10 D+

Rumble is a very forgettable underdog story.

In a world where monsters are tame and monster wrestling is a popular sport, Winnie seeks to follow in her father’s footsteps as a manager by turning an inexperienced monster into a contender.

Rumble is exactly what you think it is, another beat by beat story of the main character wanting to be just as good as their parent, I feel like the release history of Rumble is far more interesting than the movie itself. Rumble was supposed to come out this year but then got switched to February of next year and finally at the last second got switched back to this year and released a few days ago. As far as the movie itself as I said earlier it’s very generic, if you watch the first 15-20 minutes of it you are going to know exactly what happens. I guess the movie has a nice message and the animation is not bad as there were a few moments I found to be quite solid. And for a movie that WWE Studios was involved in this is definitely one of the better ones. Will Arnett is easily the best part of this movie and it’s really not even close, he brings a lot of character and energy to his role and actually works pretty well with what he’s given. Writing wise Rumble is once again exactly what you expect, there’s a few jokes that are okay but a lot of it is just very standard kids movie type of writing. Overall there really isn’t much else to say about Rumble, it’s a completely harmless kids movie that’s entertaining at times by way too generic and predictable to recommend. It truly feels like a case where Paramount wanted to put something on their streaming service around the holiday season so they settled with this movie.

Rumble is available on Paramount+

5/10 C

Belfast is a solid feel good movie that misses big marks.

A semi-autobiographical film which chronicles the life of a working class family and their young son’s childhood during the tumult of the late 1960s in the Northern Ireland capital.

Belfast is a very charming movie that unfortunately didn’t fully work for me, I’ll start with what absolutely worked and work our way down. For starters a lot of the performances were quite great Caitroina Balfe is quite great and gives a very emotional and raw performance, Ciarán Hinds (who was personally my favorite) did an incredible job of really capturing a portrait of a wise and hilarious grandfather who also gives great advice. Every single time he was on screen he stole the show and made the scene in question ten times more powerful, Judi Dench also did quite a great job as well. Jamie Dornan gave a decent performance but it really wasn’t anything truly incredible as he was honestly not given a whole lot to do, he showed up in a number of scenes and that was really about it. On a technical level Belfast succeeds really well, the filming and editing are both truly beautiful that captures the setting in such a mesmerizing way. Unfortunately what did not work was some of Kenneth Branagh’s direction he wants to make this a feel good movie which it does that pretty well, but then you remember when it’s taking place during a turmoil in the 1960s that left several people dead. I get the film is about a certain family but I do wish they talked a little bit more about what was going on. Sure they had the news stations talking about updates and there was the beginning (which I do think is one of the best scenes of the film). Finally there’s the ending which has a nice message but it’s not nearly enough, I’m not saying you can’t make a feel good movie during a time of war or disturbing events. But you have to make sure it doesn’t overfill which is unfortunately what happened here. Outside of that Belfast is a solid feel good movie that unfortunately did not do much for me, I do recommend checking it out as some people absolutely love this movie.

Belfast available in theaters and on all VOD Platforms!

7/10 B