Children Of The Corn (2020 or 2023) is more proof this franchise needs to go away.

Possessed by a spirit in a dying cornfield, a 12-year-old girl in Nebraska recruits other children in her small town to go on a bloody rampage and kill all the adults and anyone else who opposes her. Soon, a bright high school student who won’t go along with the plan becomes the town’s only hope for survival.

Children Of The Corn (2020 although it finally released in 2023) is the if you can actually believe it eleventh installment to the series and the second remake to the 1984 movie. In the past I’ve expressed my opinions about the series, but for those who are new here it’s a series that I think is horrendous. Even with the first movie the series unlike other horror franchises has failed time and time again to bring something interesting and really solid to the table. 

There’s this pattern of each new release being worse than the last, which leads us to Children Of The Corn (2020). The main reason why it says 2020 is because it got a very small release in Sarasota a county on the Gulf Cost of the U.S. state of Florida, after that the movie went through the “it’s coming this year” phase over and over again until January 2023 when RLJE and Shudder acquired the streaming rights, it then finally released in March…so what is the end result? 

To put it simply Children Of The Corn (2020) is horrendous in every possible way you can think of, they clearly wanted to do a reimagining here but that quickly backfires. The editing is absolutely atrocious and makes what should be very simple scenes all the more confusing, especially when it’s trying to use flashback scenes or something to do with time. The acting is just straight up horrible, the child actors in particular give very lifeless and very unthreatening performances. Even if I didn’t like the original 1984 movie at the very least the kids in that movie gave somewhat creepy performances (although you can argue that it doesn’t hold up well and they are unintentionally funny). 

Perhaps the biggest issue with this movie is that it takes itself way too seriously, from the kills, gore and even writing this installment wants the viewer to take it seriously right from the beginning. With that sort of writing that even tries to throw in this whole “the adults are destroying the children’s world so they want revenge” plot into it is just very baffling. While the idea itself isn’t the problem, it’s the overall execution which is nothing but just some gory kills and also slap in some horrible looking cgi monster at the end. 

The movie also barely explains the whole feud between the adults and children, one day some girl named Eden gets possessed and convinces the children to attack. And the viewer is just supposed to accept that without getting some actual conflict outside of a few adults making fun of the kids. 

Honestly I’m not sure what more I can really say Children Of The Corn (2020) is by far one of the worst films I’ve seen so far this year (I’m counting it as a 2023 film, that 2020 release was so small it almost felt like it didn’t come out at all), what I just described to you in my review was pretty much the entire movie. It’s about as bare bones as you can get and is just another awful installment to a horrendous franchise that needs to stop. 

Children Of The Corn (2020) is available on all VOD platforms. 

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