Both Sides Of The Blade has great moments but is held back from being better.

A woman’s life spirals out of control when she becomes involved in a passionate love triangle.

Both Sides Of The Blade is one of the two films directed by Claire Denis from this year (in fact the second one Stars At Noon is releasing on Friday!) this movie is a tough nut to crack, while I understand what Claire Denis was going for with this movie. There are times such as the comedic moments that make you wonder why they are there, it takes you out of the movie while a lot of the moments of human feeling and the sensitivity bring you into it. The cinematography and the score are absolutely well done and really set the mood of the film quite well, Juliette Binoche and Vincent Landon give fantastic performances and have beautiful chemistry between one another. There’s so many raw moments between the two that really makes the film, the film does go on for a bit too long and as I said before the comedy really takes you out of a beautiful story. I’m sure there will be people who will get far more out of this one than I did, so I do recommend checking this one out to see if it does anything for you.

Both Sides Of The Blade is available on all VOD platforms.

6/10 C+

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