Monster High: The Movie…is a Descendants clone

When Clawdeen begins attending Monster High, she discovers a devious plot that would not only destroy her school, but it would also reveal her half-human, half-werewolf identity.

Oh man what is there to say here? I’m clearly not the target audience and I’m sure there’s kids out there who will like this fine enough, but this whole movie seems like Nickelodeon saw what Disney was doing with The Descendants and Zombies then tried to be exactly like that. Even though Monster High is based off of the fashion doll franchise from Mattel, it comes off as a horrible Descendants and Zombies clone. The only positive I can really give this movie is the cast were at least trying their hardest with what they were given, everything else from the songs that aren’t particularly memorable, the writing and the shoehorned villain makes for a bad kid’s movie that is a chore to sit through.

Monster High: The Movie is available on Nickelodeon and Paramount+

1/10 F

2 thoughts on “Monster High: The Movie…is a Descendants clone

  1. I’ve never thought about how similar the different movies are till I read this. My siblings love this movie and now having something from my time to compare it to helps me understand what the obsession is with this movie!

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