SXSW Review: The Unknown Country (2022)

A young woman grieving for past losses receives an unexpected invitation, leading her onto a solitary road trip across the American Midwest.

The Unknown Country is quite an interesting piece about a woman grieving who drives around the country and interacts with many different people. Right off the bat I absolutely loved the documentary/narrative hybrid, it works so well here and really captures the raw emotions of every person in the film. There’s a lot of moments that feel very Chloe Zhao like with a mix of Terrance Malick especially when it comes to the cinematography, there’s so many human moments as well it’s almost like you are going on a trip with Lily Gladstone as she takes around the Midwest of the country. There’s so many beautiful landscape shots that really compliment this film well, they add so much to the narrative being told and the documentary like style itself, plus the film pretty much shows the daily lives of the people shown in the film. It’s a very human film that really gives you all sorts of emotions, overall The Unknown Country is a fantastic film that was one of my favorites from SXSW definitely check this one out once it releases.

The Unknown Country currently has no release date!

8/10 B+

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