Sundance Review: Speak No Evil is a disturbing ride.

On a vacation in Toscana, a Danish family instantly becomes friends with a Dutch family. Months later, the Danish couple receives an unexpected invitation. It doesn’t take long before the joy of reunion is replaced with misunderstandings.

Sundance 2022 had a lot of films that seemed simple enough but quickly dived into madness and some others went as far as being disturbing. Speak No Evil is one of the films that ends up being the latter, the film starts out simple enough with two families meeting each other. But as the film goes on it starts quickly paint a very dark picture, it quickly shifts into this very creepy atmospheric film that leads to some very brutal results. Some of which I’m absolutely shocked the film went into that direction, but I’m seriously glad that it did because the build up was ginormous, it’s such well written film that really captures in the writing. The performances from everyone in the film are spectacular, which I actually believe is partly why the film succeeds the acting feels incredibly raw and shows the characters as ordinary people you would see walking down the street. Which is the main focus of the film showing how everyday people can be truly disturbing, as I said earlier the build up is huge it’s very thrilling and keeps piling on the fear and disturbing element of it all. Until it completely explodes and turns into something very very different yet fascinating at the same time. I don’t want to say too much else, going into Speak No Evil knowing as little as possible is the best way to get the full experience, there’s so much to unpack about this film in all the right ways!

Speak No Evil currently has no release date but will be released later this year by Shudder.

9/10 A

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