Val (2021) Movie Review!

Documentary centering on the daily life of actor Val Kilmer featuring never-before-seen footage spanning 40 years.

Val is a very straightforward documentary about Val Kilmer, it’s a heartfelt and at times moving documentary about his life and career as an actor. Kilmer himself is in the documentary and goes into detail of his experiences in certain films he’s been in, there’s also a lot of home movies (that’s mostly filmed by Kilmer himself) and behind the scenes footage that’s used and it’s quite enjoyable to watch. Val is a very personal documentary that Kilmer share’s with the audience, I’ve said this in past but this is the type of documentary where you feel like your having a conversation with someone, in this case Val Kilmer. He’s telling you his experiences as an actor and about his life and the end result is a moving and touching conversation. As far as filmmaking there really isn’t anything noteworthy but in this case there really doesn’t have to be, it’s a personal film that gets the point across pretty well. I say give this one a watch it’s a solid documentary that’s a very enjoyable and moving watch!

Val is now available on Amazon Prime Video!

7/10 B

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