Tribeca Review: Mark, Mary + Some Other People (2021)

Newlyweds, reluctantly decide to give ethical non-monogamy a try as their lives get increasingly complicated.

Mark, Mary + Some Other People is hands down one of the best romantic comedies I’ve seen in a very long time, the premise of a couple exploring an open relationship is the type of premise that can definitely lead to some fantastic results and here it did! First off the chemistry between Ben Rosenfield and Hayley Law is incredible as the viewer you care about their relationship and they feel like real people, the problem I have with a lot of romantic comedies is a lot of them feel like they tend to have their characters not act like real people especially with how bad the writing can be. With this film you get something completely different quite refreshing in fact, that’s mainly due the performances that i mentioned before the very raw writing that leads to a ton of beautifully written scenes and the direction from Hannah Marks she really hit it out of the park when it comes to telling a beautifully raw story. The ending of this movie was a very nice touch as well and felt a lot more realistic than the traditional romantic comedy film, overall Mark, Mary + Some Other People is a fantastic film that I strongly recommend checking out when it releases!

9/10 A

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