Green Lantern: Beware My Power is a weak entry in the Tomorrowverse

When a Power Ring is bestowed upon former Marine John Stewart, it leads him on a life-changing mission. With Justice League member Green Arrow and Thanagarian Hawkgirl by his side, Stewart is thrown into a complicated galactic war.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power is the newest installment of the new DC Animated Universe the Tomorrowverse. The DC Animated Movie Universe finished with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War in 2020 (a pretty solid ending) the Tomorrowverse began with Superman: Man Of War a few months later in August 2020 so far there’s been 5 films…Superman: Man Of War, Justice Society World War II, Batman The Long Halloween Parts 1 and 2 and finally Green Lantern: Beware My Power.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power I was a bit interested in mainly due to John Stewart’s version of The Green Lantern who was one of my favorite characters from The Justice League TV series back from 2004. The movie serves as an origin story for the character but unfortunately the writing really hurts this movie. The movie starts out fine enough, it does a decent job of introducing Green Arrow, Hawk Girl and a few others and there’s even some decent action scenes as well. The animation is also pretty solid with a few scenes in particular that are actually pretty well done, the main problem is despite the movie being about John Stewart that gets lost during the midpoint of the movie, he ends up being in the middle of all these other characters and their problems. The focus suddenly switches to them rather than Stewart and just leaves any fan of John Stewart’s Green Lantern very disappointed, the voice acting is at least decent giving each of the characters their own personality. The plot however is very Saturday morning cartoonish outside of a few scenes it really doesn’t dive deep into the characters and is very very surface level. Unless you know these characters you aren’t going to get a whole lot of information about them here. Overall it’s not a terrible movie but it is a pretty disappointing one, that had the writing been a lot better could have made for something interesting.

Green Lantern Beware My Power is available on all VOD Platforms.

5/10 C+

The Sea Beast is a fantastic smooth sailing adventure.

The life of a legendary sea monster hunter is turned upside down when a young girl stows away on his ship.

The Sea Beast is directed by Chris Williams who partly directed Big Hero 6 and Bolt, Netflix animated films have a huge tendency to go in a lot of different ways much more of the time not very good. While The Sea Beast is pretty much a How To Train Your Dragon clone it still manages to create a beautiful picture and makes some of the elements it’s own, for starters the animation is bright, colorful and very well detailed it adds a lot to the characters world and really makes the sea itself huge. The characters surprisingly get a lot of development, there’s some really interesting dialogue that points to a lot of interesting themes that are used. The scale of the movie completely matches the concept of sea monsters, pirates and the sea itself, it’s a huge world with so much to look at on screen. The film makes the viewer’s eyes go on an adventure which is something that I wish a lot of other films could do, the voice acting from the cast mainly Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jarred Harris and Marianne Jean-Baptiste is truly fantastic and really dives deep into their respective characters. Overall The Sea Beast is definitely a film that is going to be overlooked, so highly recommend checking this one out!!

The Sea Beast is available on Netflix.

8/10 B+

Beavis and Butt-Head do the Universe brings back the duo to the modern age wonderfully!

Blasting off on a NASA space mission in 1998, mischievous best pals Beavis and Butt-head time travel to the year 2022. As the NSA and U.S. government try to track them down, the clueless teens do their best to adjust to modern life.

If you are going to bring back certain characters such as Beavis and Butt-Head into the modern setting this is absolutely the way to do it. Beavis and Butt-Head Do The Universe is exactly what you would expect and in a good way, the humor, style and feel of the series is still here in all of it’s glory. The movie focuses on certain types of humor such as some Sci-Fi humor and politic humor however it doesn’t take away from the humor we all expect from Beavis and Butt-Head. It’s such a creative and strong balance one doesn’t feel like it’s being completely shoved aside, the film also understands what made the series so great and in fact makes that known in the film, with tons of clever humor while making sure the characters just as enjoyable as they were In the series. Beavis and Butt-Head do the universe is such a treat and an absolute blast, definitely check this one out!!

Beavis And Butt-Head Do The Universe is available on Paramount+

8/10 B+

Mad God is an acid trip from hell and it’s brilliant.

A figure known as “The Assasin” as descends from the heavens into a nightmarish pit full of monsters, titans and cruelty.

Mad God is Phill Tippett’s passion project that he’s wanted to make for years, Tippett has done a ton of visual effects work for countless recognizable films such as A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, The Robocop movies, Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers, Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom, the Twilight movies (New Moon and above) and much more. The wait for his film was absolutely worth it, Mad God an almost narrativeless film that has the motions of the characters, actions and visuals do all the talking. The best way to describe Mad God is that it’s a beautifully crafted nightmare that also feels like an acid trip from hell, it’s a very gnarly film that has beautiful animation that is used in such a unique way. If I had to guess of a theme or a narrative this film is going for it’s how civilizations can easily crumble, inventions made by the civilians are used against them by their god. There’s also this huge picture which depicts what a living hell would actually look like in the worst ways possible. The stop-motion animation combined with it’s themes and atmosphere truly make this a one of a kind experience, it’s a terrifying one that quickly gets under your skin but is all the more worth it. Go into this one knowing as little as possible!

Mad God is available on Shudder!

10/10 A+

Lightyear is a decent enough adventure that could have went further.

Legendary space ranger Buzz Lightyear embarks on an intergalactic adventure alongside ambitious recruits Izzy, Mo, Darby, and his robot companion, Sox.

Lightyear is Pixar’s newest film which the whole idea of the movie is it is about who the toy Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story films is based on. An idea that sadly doesn’t get fully utilized, but let’s go over the positives first. First off the animation is stunning, it compliments the whole space theme really well and is the very definition of having a sci-fi feel. The voice acting all around was really strong as well, particularly Keke Palmer, Chris Evans, Uzo Aduba and Peter Sohn. Speaking of which Sox the cat is hands down the best animal sidekick in recent memory, usually I’m not a fan of the usual modern Disney sidekick who’s just there for selling toys and making unfunny jokes. But Sox was a genuinely fun character who had a lot of charm and feels a lot more than a dollar sign, the first half of Lightyear felt a lot like what you would expect from Pixar…the first 30 minutes to be exact. There’s some genuinely touching scenes with a lot of emotions mixed in that really paint an interesting story about blaming yourself and trying to do everything you can to fix a situation. The major problem with Lightyear is what follows after that, the movie quickly becomes a very generic sci-fi story filled to the brim with cliches. A huge part of this is what they decided to do with Zurg, which was a very puzzling choice that really did not add much to the movie. There are some decent bits here and there in the second half, but it’s not enough to put this movie back to where it was in the first half. It’s a lot of sci-fi elements that don’t blend together very well. Overall Lightyear is definitely not a bad film (far from it) it just could have taken it’s ideas from the first half of the movie and pushed them even further.

Lightyear is now in theaters.

7/10 B

The Bob’s Burgers Movie cooks up an entertaining ride!!

A ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob’s Burgers, blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belchers’ plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family’s restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope as they try to get back behind the counter.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is based on the animated tv series of the same name, I’ll start out by saying Bob’s Burgers is the only animated adult tv show that is currently still airing that I actually care for. There’s already been big discussions of why a lot of the shows in the genre have dropped massively in quality such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers however has managed to stay consistent and actually be really strong. Granted I haven’t seen every single episode of Bob’s Burgers but I have seen enough to say that I quite like the series, so I was pretty excited to hear that a movie was being released. Luckily The Bob’s Burger Movie does not disappoint and is what you expect, the film has a lot of the same humor and style that both blend so well together. Not every single joke is a hit but the charm mainly comes from the characters who are truly well written, the musical segments are quite fantastic and are genuinely hilarious as well. One main fear I did have with the movie going in was I was worried it was going to feel like an extended tv episode, and while sometimes it does feel like that mainly due to the many plots. For the most part it feels very cinematic mainly due to the animation having a more clean look to it and the energy of the film being very energized, the voice acting like the show is really strong one of the key aspects that make Bob’s Burgers so great is how well the cast blends together and that is displayed here quite well! Overall there might not be much to The Bob’s Burgers movie however it’s still a very entertaining ride from beginning to end, fans will most definitely love this one and the film is pretty accessible to people who haven’t seen the show!

The Bob’s Burgers Movie releases in theaters on Friday!

8/10 B+

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a decent Who Framed Roger Rabbit clone.

Chip and Dale live amongst cartoons and humans in modern-day Los Angeles, but their lives are quite different now. When a former cast mate mysteriously disappears, Chip and Dale must repair their broken friendship and save their friend.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is surprisingly not too bad, what could have been an unfunny IP and cameo fest turns out to be a movie that has some pretty decent jokes and solid voice work. John Mulaney and Andy Samberg work very well together and truly hit it out of the park with some of the delivery from the jokes, J.K. Simmons is also pretty entertaining as well. The cameos are luckily very limited and the movie itself doesn’t spend too much time on them, plus they don’t over stay their welcome. What does stop this movie from being anything really strong however is mostly the villain Sweet Pete and third act, if you are aware of Bobby Driscoll’s story (actor who voiced Peter Pan in the original) Sweet Pete’s backstory has some very noticeable similarities, which lead to a controversy. While it may seem not a huge deal at first the more you read into Driscoll’s story and how he was treated the more uncomfortable this decision really becomes. Even if you took away this controversy Sweet Pete as a character still falls flat, he’s a very run of the mill villain to the point where his henchmen are actually more interesting. Then there’s the third act which while it’s not exactly bad it’s just not anything noteworthy and does feel like the movie ran out of steam. Overall Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a decent movie that definitely could have been a lot better had their been some better decisions and a stronger third act.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is available on Disney+

6/10 C+

Belle is a beautiful and meaningful coming of age film about the positives of the internet.

A high school student becomes a globally beloved singer after entering a fantastic virtual world. She soon embarks on an emotional and epic quest to uncover the identity of a mysterious beast who’s on the run from ruthless vigilantes.

Belle is simply put one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen this year both visually and metaphorically, It’s a wonderful coming of age story that takes some Beauty and The Beast elements and executes them in a unique way, the voice acting is truly fantastic especially when combined with the engaging writing that really highlights how masterfully written the characters are. Suzy in particular feels incredibly relatable her journey in the film not only tries to discover who the “beast” is but who she is as a person, the film is also a wonderful piece showing how beautiful the internet can be when ignoring the bad parts about it. This is mostly shown from Suzy’s story and the animation speaking of which the animation is absolute perfection, it helps tell the story both visually and metaphorically. The music is truly wonderful as well that captures a range of emotions that compliments the whole film wonderfully. Belle as a film also understands how beautiful and actually necessary the internet and social media is, how we can help others (which is shown by Belle wanting to help “the beast”) and help heal us as well. Overall Belle is truly a meaningful film that really makes you cry tears of joy, this is a film that has so much charm and love put into it that you just can’t help but smile and cheer. This is a film I absolutely recommend checking out!

Belle is available on all VOD Platforms.

10/10 A+

Marmaduke (2022) wouldn’t be worth it if it was in the $5 bin at Walmart.

Messy and mischievous Marmaduke teams up with a legendary dog trainer to prove that he is the first Great Dane worthy of winning a trophy at the Westminster Champion Contest, a prestigious dog show.

Marmaduke is just truly baffling in the absolute worst ways I could ever think of, for starters I know this is a cliched question to ask but I feel it’s absolutely necessary here….who asked for this? Marmaduke is a comic strip which began from June 1954 to 2015, there was a live action movie in 2010 that was terrible and most people forgot it even happen. Out of nowhere (I believe last month) it was announced Pete Davidson would be voicing Marmaduke in an animated film after that there was silence until the movie was released. Marmaduke (2022) makes Marmaduke (2010) look like a masterpiece, for starters the animation is some of the worst I have ever seen. This is truly something that you would expect out of a straight to DVD animated movie in the $5 bin from Walmart or one of those Pixar rip-off movies like What’s Up or Ratatoing, but nope this was released by Netflix which makes this just more baffling, the characters and voice acting are horrendous how they got Pete Davidson, J.K. Simmons and David Koechner to do this I have no idea. The writing is a complete and total embarrassment there isn’t one piece of dialogue here that worked, everything is either painful to listen to, cliched, or fart jokes that are so painfully unfunny to the point where they are just gross. The characters are about as dull as you can get, I kind of liked Guy (Brian Hull) however he wasn’t enough to save the movie. He was pretty much absent towards the end of the movie so it really didn’t matter. Overall Marmaduke is one of the worst movies Netflix has ever released, this is what I think when I hear the phrase “graphic design is my passion” well in this case “animation is my passion” either way this was horrendous and should be avoided at all costs.

Marmaduke is available on Netflix.

Disgrace To Cinema F

Bubble has beautiful animation but not enough world building or character growth.

Gravity-defying bubbles rain down, cutting off Tokyo from the rest of the world. The city skyline becomes a playground for young people competing in parkour team battles. Hibiki plummets into the sea but is saved by a girl with mysterious powers.

It’s kind of baffling to see how a film like Bubble could have such an interesting idea yet fall short pretty hard. The animation is stunning and adds a lot of detail to the world the movie takes place in and there’s some genuinely touching moments here that work. What hurts this movie is the writing and characters, there’s a shockingly little amount of character development even with the main characters as well. A lot of the characters are restricted to cliche anime type personalities, meaning they have no chance to grow as characters or offer any interesting development. The writing does have a few decent moments but for the most part it leaves a lot more to be desired, there’s not enough world building, we get a few scenes that talk about the world and that’s really about it. The animation does a lot of the work but even that can’t fully describe the world, It’s such a shame because I do think Bubble could have been a decent little movie had the writing and characters been a lot stronger.

Bubble is available on Netflix.

5/10 C