Tribeca Review: Venus As A Boy (2021)

A struggling artist, living a life in limbo between who he is and who he wants to be, is interrupted by a beautiful woman who forces him to choose.

Venus As A Boy is one of those movies where at the time you watched it you thought “hey that was pretty solid” but then think “actually that was just okay” Ty Hodges and Olivia Culpo give decent performances, the chemistry between the two is quite great and there’s a few meaningful moments in there that are effective. However the writing isn’t exactly great and does ruin a few moments that could have been something interesting, the directing is very okay and doesn’t really bring an interesting choice of style to it. Which is a huge shame because this is definitely the type of movie that would benefit from that, Venus As A Boy is a very okay movie that does have some pretty strong parts about it that make it worth watching, but the lows stick out like a sore thumb unfortunately.

6/10 C+