They/Them is garbage.

A group of teenagers at an LGBTQ+ conversion camp endures unsettling psychological techniques while being stalked by a mysterious masked killer.

What exactly happened here? They/Them had a lot going for it to be an interesting little slasher film, the title is quite creative, the representation is actually quite great and there’s a few kills that are actually not too bad….everything else however is a complete and total disaster, for starters the movie takes way too long to get going, it doesn’t become a slasher film until an hour into the movie, instead it spends way too much time trying to tell the audience how terrible the camp counselors are….which reading the plot of the movie already tells you that. The movie takes place at a conversation camp of course the viewers already know the counselors are terrible, Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon) pretty much spells it out right from the beginning that they are terrible, so why waste so much time on something the viewers already know? There’s one scene in particular that truly comes out of left field however and somehow manages to make the movie even worse, there’s a scene where they randomly start singing Pink’s “Fuckin’ Perfect” and it’s sung quite terribly as well. I genuinely have no idea who’s idea was it that thought it was good idea but it’s truly baffling, when the movie finally starts to become a slasher movie it does get a tad better but that’s really not saying much. Some of the kills are off screen which completely hurts the movie and the writing is still horrendous, everyone is trying with the script they are given but it’s not nearly enough to help this movie stand. Overall They/Them is terrible, a lot of the choices with this movie are truly baffling and end up giving one of the worst films of the year.

They/Them is available on Peacock.

1/10 F