The Sadness is a grotesque film that executes it’s premise flawlessly.

As Taiwan succumbs to a viral pandemic that transforms peaceful citizens into sadistic, bloodthirsty maniacs, a young couple must battle to be reunited before they too become infected.

The Sadness is truly one disturbing film that absolutely does not hold back at all, this film asks the question “what if zombies were actually smart and were sadistic rapists” straight off the bat I absolutely love how the film opens, it puts the audience in the middle of a pandemic and shows people just living their normal lives. The film follows Jim (Berant Zhu) and Kat (Regina Lei) who are a young couple who’s day starts out normal enough but quickly falls apart as the virus gets out of control. The film itself is very gory and is hands down the most disturbing zombie film in quite awhile, the film takes the whole zombie premise and completely changes it around, it’s truly a disturbing premise but executed really well. We get a few character moments and see the fear in the character’s eyes, the film really hits out of the park when it comes to filming and combining the setting. We get two completely different parts Jim and Kat where they try to find each other, the attention to detail the background we see of the destruction from the zombies is truly haunting and feels like we are right there with them. A lot of the disturbing moments are very successful mostly due to the acting and the attention to detail, everyone in the film is fantastic in their roles and truly knocks it out of the park. Going into The Sadness knowing as little as possible will make the experience even greater, if you are a fan of zombie films and gore plus like disturbing films than this is film for you.

The Sadness is available on Shudder.

10/10 A+