Quick Reviews: About Fate and The Class (2022)

Two strangers believe in love but never seem to be able to find its true meaning. In a wild twist of events, fate puts each in the other’s path on one stormy New Year’s Eve.

About Fate is exactly what you think it’s going to be from the plot, but the movie manages to still work quite well. Is it absolutely cheesy and feels a bit like a Hallmark holiday movie (despite being released in September)? Oh absolutely but what makes the movie is Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann plus their chemistry is very charming, the movie has some genuinely cute moments that are full of heart and are actually quite touching. Not every scene is successful but there’s enough here to satisfy romantic comedy fans.

About Fate is available on all VOD Platforms.

6/10 C+

Six high school seniors are offered a last chance to graduate by taking a one-day makeup class on a Saturday. The students find themselves sitting beside classmates they never took the time to get to know during the regular semester.

The Class is what happens when you take The Breakfast Club and you make it unfunny, uninteresting and terrible. I genuinely don’t know what to say here to be quite honest, the cast are fine particularly Lyric Ross who definitely tries with the script she’s given. A lot of this movie just reminds the viewer they could be watching a better movie combine that with a painful 1 hour and 54 minute running time that feels like an eternity. The script is very bare bones and doesn’t give a lot of the characters proper development, the ending is sweet but by then it’s too little too late. Just watch The Breakfast Club instead.

The Class is available on all VOD Platforms.

2/10 F