Spider-Man No Way Home is a love letter to the entire Spider-Man franchise (Spoiler Review)

With Spider-Man’s identity now revealed, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life as Peter Parker from the high stakes of being a superhero. When Peter asks for help from Doctor Strange, the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Before I begin I will note that it will be next to impossible to talk about this movie without mentioning spoilers so if you haven’t seen the movie yet I would recommend not reading this review.

Phase Four when it comes to film has been rough. Shang-Chi as I said in my review is an incredibly solid film up until the third act, Eternals was incredibly disappointing and Black Widow was just there. So I was really hoping Spider-Man No Way Home would come out and wow me…and that it most certainly did. So starting off let’s discuss characters and performances, Tom Holland as Spider-Man is still fantastic. He truly puts everything he has in this film and it delivers in every single way possible, Zendaya’s character Michelle gets far more development than she has in the other films which is something that I’m glad they did. Granted it was one of the more predictable aspects (not in a bad way) like of course she was going to get more development it’s the third Spider-Man film in the MCU. She completely grows as a character and doesn’t feel like she’s being shoved off to the sidelines, I really don’t have anything interesting to say about Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch once again does the role really well and doesn’t over stay the welcome. Finally let’s talk about the villains plus Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man and how they are used plus compliment this giant film. I’ll start with the one who got the least development which was The Lizard honestly he’s about the same as he was in The Amazing Spider-Man, there really isn’t a whole lot to his character and that was really to be expected. Next up is Electro and Sandman who I both feel are around the same level when it comes to development, for one thing Jamie Foxx is far better as Electro here than he was in Amazing Spider-Man 2. A nice reference to Sandman’s character growth in Spider-Man 3 is shown during a scene where he teams up with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to fight Electro (although he does become somewhat evil again but we will get to that.) Lastly there’s Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Doc Ock. Who all have an incredible amount of development, Alfred Molina once again is perfect as Doc Ock and although he isn’t a huge part of the film. I truly love what they did with his character, once again the film acts as a continuation to Spider-Man 2 with his character. He was a man corrupted by his inventions deep down he wasn’t demonic like the next character The Green Goblin. Willem Dafoe truly owns the role of The Green Goblin I truly can’t picture anyone else in the role, the film does such a good job showing how evil he really is and shows why he is the most threatening of the villains. He has all the villains besides Doc Ock go completely mad and attack, the strongest parts of the writing come in when Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield come in. Not only do we get to see both of them again but we get to hear how they are doing, what’s changed and so on. The film acts as a continuation to their stories, even the little conversations end up meaning quite a lot. One important rule when it comes to a team up sort of element is to never have one part of the certain team or character overshadow the other. And I feel No Way Home does a fantastic job of doing that, Tobey, Andrew and Tom’s version of Spider-Man feel equal one doesn’t feel far stronger than the other. The jokes in the film are actually quite fantastic, there was a lot of charm put into them that I can’t help but smile at. The ending is truly hard hitting and definitely one of the more emotional moments that have happened in the MCU thus far, it’s hard hitting change that has this sense of moving on from memories. Overall Spider-Man No Way Home is a huge celebration of Spider-Man it’s a fantastic film that’s hands down one of the best the MCU has to offer!

Spider-Man No Way Home is available in Theaters!

10/10 A+


Most Anticipated Films Of December 2021!

Well we are here! The final month of 2021, what a year it has been! We have seen fantastic films that I’m excited to talk about when I do my top 100 best films of the year and we have seen terrible movies that I’ll be talking about with my top 100 worst films of the year. But before all that let’s talk December 2021! It’s a month that is filled with very interesting releases that I’m quite excited to see, since the format I did last time was successful and a lot of people loved it I will be sticking with that. Name the movie and release date then move on to the next movie. There’s only so many times I can say “I’m super excited for this movie” or “I saw the trailer and I’m hyped” until it becomes redundant. So here’s the list folks!

20. Mother/Android – December 17th (Hulu)

19. Silent Night – December 3rd (VOD)

18. Swan Song – December 17th (Apple TV+)

17. Shaun The Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas – December 3rd (Netflix)

16. Being The Ricardos – December 10th (Theater) and December 21st (Amazon Prime Video)

15. The Unforgivable – December 10th (Netflix)

14. Spider-Man No Way Home – December 17th (Theater)

13. Bendetta – December 3rd (Theater) and December 21st (VOD)

12. Flee – December 3rd (Theaters)

11. The Hand Of God – December 3rd (Theater) and December 15th (Netflix)

10. The Novice – December 17th (VOD)

9. Red Rocket – December 10th (Theaters)

8. Matrix Resurrections – December 22nd (Theaters and HBO Max)

7. The Lost Daughter – December 17th (Theater) and December 31st (Netflix)

6. Don’t Look Up – December 10th (Theater) and December 24th (Netflix)

5. Memoria – December 26th (Theaters)

4. The Tragedy Of MacBeth – December 25th (Theater) and January 14th (Apple TV+)

3. The Power Of The Dog – December 1st (Netflix)

2. Nightmare Alley – December 17th (Theaters)

1. Licorice Pizza – December 25th (Theaters)

And there you have it! I will be making a list of films I need to watch and review before I finalize my best and worst list very soon! Some 2021 films are going to be releasing in 2022 as usual so it will be a wait. But I promise you the lists will be worth it as I’m going to make things more interesting!

Marvel Phase Three Movies Ranked from Worst To Best

I will never understand how anyone considers this to be a very good movie in the MCU, I’m sorry but this movie doesn’t do anything new other then have some really “trippy” special effects. Everything else is just incredibly bland and uninteresting. Benedict Cumberbatch definitely tries his best but good god the humor completely ruins the film, again it’s that terrible Marvel humor but in this case I believe is one of the worst cases of it. I didn’t laugh once and none of it was even close to being funny, the villian is also debatably the worst villian of the MCU he’s taken out very easily, he has next to no character development and he’s just overall not an interesting villain. I wanted to like this movie too which is the sad thing but unfortunately it’s just a complete and total mess.
3/10 D-
I’m keeping this short because I’m not wasting my time and energy on this one, this one just doesn’t hold up on a rewatch. The movie isn’t funny, Ghost is a complete missed opportunity, the character development is piss poor. The saving grace is some of the action scenes, also this has to be one of the most forgettable MCU movies to date. If you liked it cool I can definitely understand why, however this movie just didn’t do it for me.
3/10 D-
Sometimes when it comes to film you want to be proved wrong, when you see a trailer for a movie that just doesn’t look good but you really want to be proved wrong because at the same time the movie could have some high potential….sadly this isn’t the movie. This is definitely one of the weakest movies in the MCU In awhile, the movie is a huge step down from the last couple movies in almost every single way. I’ll start with what I liked….well I liked the Stan Lee tribute, the two end credit scenes, Goose the Cat (who’s seriously the best actor in the movie),  some parts of the third act and I did think Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson tried their best with a terrible script. Everything else about the movie was a complete and total mess, I understand what they were trying to do with the story but good lord was the execution not well done. It felt like the writers had a very short time limit and just threw random ideas in the movie and just went with it, the movie is also very predictable..the twist has been done before in other movies and it’s been done far better as well. As I said earlier the writing was terrible, again this movie brings back that terrible Marvel humor that is just so painful to listen to and it’s clearly trying desperately to get a laugh. Sure there were some moments that were actually funny but nothing flat out hilarious. The characters unfortunately are just not good this time around, Nick Fury is always great to see he was at his best with scenes with Goose The Cat. Captain Marvel or Carol is unfortunately not a well developed or interesting character, which I partly saw coming. The problem with Captain Marvel is she is basically Marvel’s Superman where she is practically invincible, she comes off bland and feels like a Mary Sue for most of the movie. Which is a huge problem because then that shows the character has no flaws at all and can’t be relatable. Look at Batman or Spider-Man they have their weaknesses and flaws which is part of the reason why they are such great characters. Captain Marvel on the other hand is just not an interesting character, now I’m not saying that all characters who are overpowered are bland. Because that’s not true some other characters actually have a backstory and still manage to have weaknesses. That just doesn’t seem to be the case here, anyway the villains of this movie were some of the worst that has ever come out of the MCU. They are extremely forgettable, not well written and not interesting. Overall Captain Marvel is a huge mess, there are some parts to be enjoyed as I said before. But this seriously could have been a lot better..

4/10 D+
I’ll keep this very short, while it’s not the masterpiece everyone makes it out to be, the movie is still one of the strongest in the MCU. It’s miles better than the first two Thor movies, the movie is vastly different due to Waititi’s direction which gives the movie life. The acting is generally pretty good, the movie does have some genuinely good humor in it, the inclusion of The Hulk was actually really great. Hela was actually a pretty solid villian I wouldn’t say as good as Thanos, Killmonger or Ego but she’s still a pretty well done villian. The movie does have it’s issues with some of the humor completely missing and the pacing did feel very weird at times. But as I said still a strong movie…but people really need to chill out with calling this movie a masterpiece. 

8/10 B+
I’ll keep this short 
Chadwick Boseman is absolutely fantastic here, he does a great job in his role. Same can be said for the rest of the cast as well as Michael B. Jordan. Killmonger is also one of the few really great villains from the MCU, he actually has a motivation and actually does get character development. The world building is also fantastic and actually quite beautiful, the only knocks I have against this movie is as I said in my first review….the “WHAT ARE THOSE??” Joke which comes right out of nowhere for no reason. And some very minor script issues that aren’t really that important, it’s not the masterpiece everyone says it is but it’s for sure one of the best of the MCU
8/10 B+
People are always going to have their favorite Spider-Man movie, some people say Spider -Verse is the best Spider-Man movie, some people say one of the first two Sam Rami movies are the best ones (I personally think Spider-Man 2 is the best) and then some people say Homecoming is the best one. This was another movie I was worried about revisiting mostly because I was worried it was not going to hold up at all, but it does hold up well. Tom Holand does a fantastic job in his role, the movie has some pretty good humor and this movie is another one in the MCU that actually has a very good villain. The Vulture’s Design was actually really well done some people have complained that it didn’t match the comics but think about it. It would come off WAY too cartoony if they went with the comic, besides all they did was just give him a mask. I still do have the same issues I did with the movie the first time around, Liz wasn’t a very interesting character, Iron Man being included overshadowed Spider-Man at times and some of the humor was a miss. But it is overall a very strong movie in the MCU.

8/10 B+
I will admit I do think I’ve been a little hard on this movie in the past, the movie is definitely much better from what I remembered. Spider-Man and the airport scene are the show stealers however, the airport scene is one hell of an action scene and is very memorable. The action is incredibly well done and really shows off all the characters at their finest. I will say this movie does take awhile to get going, it’s very slow at times and sometimes it does feel frustrating. However once it does get going it quickly gets really interesting and pretty well done, the acting is overall generally good and the writing this time around is pretty darn great. Overall there really isn’t much else to say about this one, I still don’t find this movie to be top 3 tier MCU movies like a lot of people do but it’s a very good movie that I’ll gladly rewatch in the future.

8/10 B+
I will say that this is one of the darkest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it does have some jokes in it but unlike some of the other Marvel movies the jokes are far and few in between and they actually make sense. Thanos is single handily one of the best villains in awhile and hands down the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos wasn’t one of those villains that’s just evil for the sake of being evil or just wants to rule the word, he wants more then that! Plus it’s really refreshing to see a villain that has a personality, most villains (not only in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) tend to be one dimensional characters that are flat out uninteresting. Josh Brolin kills it as Thanos, he fits as Thanos and I honestly think nobody else could have done as good as Josh Brolin did! The acting and writing are very well done, there’s a lot of scenes that are actually pretty powerful and surprisingly some quiet moments. Which I say surprisingly because Marvel does not typically do a lot of quiet moments (I mean sure there might be some but none of them compare to the ones in this movie), the action scenes were really well shot and perhaps some of the best the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer. But the thing that I mostly liked about this movie was the fact Marvel did not hold back at all, in a lot of the movies you can definitely tell Marvel holds back. With this one however they really deliver and show they mean business! Overall Avengers Infinity War is a huge crowning achievement, a series of movies that have been going on for ten years leads to this big moment and they 100%. nailed it. I highly recommend to go see this movie, it’s one hell of a ride from beginning to end!

In My All Time Favorites A+
Just when you think it can’t get even better, when I saw this movie when it first came out I was seriously amazed. Mostly because of how emotional it was, I was seriously not expecting it all. Something I did mention in my original review was that one of the most unexpected things that was in this movie was that it was a character study film. I still stand by what I said, there is so much character development in this film it feels like everyone is given time to shine which is something I really do appreciate. This movie also has one of the best villains of the MCU, Ego is something that the MCU needed for a very long time and it finally got it. Ego gets some really good character development and is actually very interesting as well. The movie also does have a ton of emotional moments (particularly the ending where I did start shedding a few tears even on this rewatch) they are so well done mostly because of how well the character development is. I seriously don’t know what else to say about this one, it’s quite honestly one of my favorite comic book movies period and hands down my favorite of the MCU so far!!

10/10 A+