Sharp Stick is an unfunny waste of potential.

Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth) is a sensitive and naïve 26-year-old living on the fringes of Hollywood with her disillusioned mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and influencer sister (Taylour Paige). Working as a caregiver and just longing to be seen, she begins an exploratory affair with her older, married employer (Jon Bernthal), and is thrust into a startling education on sexuality, loss and power.

The fact Sharp Stick is one of two films directed by Lena Dunham that have released/going to be released this year is truly baffling (the other being Catherine Called Birdy). It should be a surprise to nobody that Sharp Stick is dreadful with every sense of the word, the only positives are Kristine Froseth, Jon Bernthal and Taylour Paige (who is very underused here) their performances aren’t anything amazing but considering the script they were given they didn’t do terrible. That’s where Sharp Stick ends for me because the rest of the movie is ridiculously juvenile, it’s supposedly a “comedy” I say comedy very loosely because there was not a single moment here that was even chuckle worthy. The premise itself is interesting and what the movie tries to communicate might look and sound like something worth listening to, however that falls apart due to Lena Dunham’s direction and writing. Lena Dunham understanding of the movie’s ideas is the equivalent of a 6th-8th grader sitting in the middle of health class and giggling every time the teacher describes genitalia. I get the movie is trying to be some coming of age awkward sex story, but it’s done in such a horrible way and treats the topic of sex like it’s some practice from another universe. Which I’m yes not everyone is going to know everything there is to know about sex but this is truly unrealistic and really doesn’t make much sense when you think about it for at least seconds. Outside of that there really isn’t much else to this movie it’s a terrible plot with sex scenes and that’s it, I’m not exactly sure what the whole point here was but if it was to make an awkward coming of age story about sex it completely failed.

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1/10 F