My Son Hunter….why?

Hunter (Laurence Fox) finds himself doing all the wrong things in all the wrong places with all the wrong people, when he meets a young naïve stripper. Grace Anderson (Emma Gojkovic) doesn’t know much about politics, but gets a crash course as she gets closer and closer to the son of President Biden (John James). “My Son Hunter” puts the lens squarely on Hunter, his corrupt business dealings, his relationship with his father, and a lifestyle that would make rock stars jealous. But through the haze of a crack pipe and above the din of the parties and the outbursts…somewhere lies the truth.

Oh man….where to begin? So My Son Hunter is distributed by Breitbart and from the trailer I was actually hoping this movie would fall into the category of “it’s so bad it’s hilarious” territory that’s not what happened here, putting aside politics there is so much you can criticize Joe Biden on and at the same time make it hilarious movie, the problem is this movie takes itself seriously and the jokes it makes are completely unfunny. A lot of the movie is if you took the complete bad parts of Adam McKay and made them even far worse, the first couple jokes include a bit about Black Lives Matter and Pronoun jokes. A certain genre of jokes that is heavily used on Twitter, which is exactly the problem those types of jokes are complete and utter embarrassment anywhere outside of Twitter (not that they are funny to begin with but you get the point). Oh yeah and Gina Carano talks about how she was cancelled another completely overused joke what fun. The acting, writing, filming and so on are all completely terrible, there’s a lot of editing decisions that I’m completely baffled passed the beginning phases. There’s a long drawn out scene of Hunter Biden (played by Laurence Fox) and Joe Biden (played by John James) sitting in a car and talking which would be investing if there was any life to this movie. But why bring life into the story when that’s not what your audience is going to want? This movie spends way too much time taking itself so seriously and has this whole narrative of “the movie the media doesn’t want you to see” which is just flat out ridiculous, let’s take away the politics away for a moment…the movie is still complete and total garbage, at a filmmaking perspective it’s dull, ugly to look at, bizarrely edited for all the wrong reasons, poorly acted and very poorly written. As I said earlier there was definitely something here where they could have had made an entertaining satire while also criticizing Biden. But that just doesn’t happen here.

My Son Hunter is available to stream.

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