Me Time is another Kevin Hart and Netflix painful mess

Follows a Dad who finds time for himself for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away. He reconnects with a friend for a wild weekend.

Me Time is yet another Kevin Hart and Netflix movie collaboration, two months ago we got The Man From Toronto but I guess that wasn’t enough. Finding anything to say here is a struggle because this is the exact same thing as a lot of other Kevin Hart movies, instead of The Rock it’s Mark Wahlberg who gives such a dull performance that it’s actually quite hilarious at times. The positives mostly come from a few comedic bits and at times the chemistry of Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg somehow breaking through the script to deliver some great moments. There’s also the chemistry between Kevin Hart and Regina Hall plus this family dynamic that is genuinely sweet. But everything else is a complete and total mess particularly the writing that has no clear goal of what it wants to do, the family dynamic I mentioned earlier while sweet does not get explored as much as it should have. It’s sort of tacked on with the rest of the movie that’s filled to the brim of unfunny scenes, the climax just sort of happens it’s like they realized they had to finish the movie up and quickly tried to think of a way to end it not caring if it ends up being a mess. Finally there’s the tone of the movie that clearly wants to be comedic but tacks on the serious family dynamic that is barely explored and is only decent enough thanks to Regina Hall being such a great actress. Overall Me Time is definitely better than The Man From Toronto but that is most certainly not a compliment. This is exactly what you would expect a movie starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg to be like.

Me Time is available on Netflix.

3/10 D-

Father Stu is a forgettable biopic.

When an injury ends his amateur boxing career, Stuart Long moves to Los Angeles to find money and fame. While scraping by as a supermarket clerk, he meets Carmen, a Sunday school teacher who seems immune to his bad-boy charm. Determined to win her over, the longtime agnostic starts going to church to impress her. However, a motorcycle accident leaves him wondering if he can use his second chance to help others, leading to the surprising realization that he’s meant to be a Catholic priest.

I can respect the true story that Father Stu is trying to tell, a story about Stuart Long a boxer turned catholic priest who suffered from inclusion body myositis. Having that said the story was not told well or wasn’t given any of the type of power and emotion it needed. Mark Wahlberg gives a very forgettable performance, he’s certainly not bad but he’s definitely not great either especially mixed with a script that feels like it’s trying to be much more than really is. A lot of scenes are very overwritten to the point where it becomes baffling, there’s even some other scenes that should be simple enough but for whatever reason the movie over complicates itself. The first act is at least somewhat okay and actually tries to tell the true story, but what’s missing is a lot of spirit and heart. Father Stu ends up being a bad biopic that doesn’t do anything new to a genre that’s been released constantly over last several months at a much faster rate. The 2 hour and 3 minute running time does not help at all either, there’s so many scenes that could have easily been cut and not much would have changed. Overall Father Stu is a terrible biopic that was definitely put into the wrong hands, I recommend reading the true story rather than sitting through a huge missed opportunity.

Father Stu releases tomorrow on all VOD platforms.

3/10 D-

Uncharted is an entertaining adventure film but falls short as an adaption.

Nathan Drake and his wisecracking partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan embark on a dangerous quest to find the greatest treasure never found while also tracking clues that may lead to Nate’s long-lost brother.

Uncharted is an adaption of the video game of the same name, perhaps you have seen the film always appear on “coming soon” or “movies coming out in insert year here” lists, Uncharted when through a lot of production issues since it was announced all the way back in 2008. So was the wait worth it? Well not really but at least it’s nowhere near as bad as it could have been, for starters Tom Holland gives a very energetic role and definitely knows how to entertain an audience. He tries his hardest with a script that’s lacking in a lot of areas, Sophia Taylor Ali is also pretty solid as well. She gives a performance that is actually pretty investing and she becomes very likable, but as I said with Tom Holland the script is really holding her back from doing anything incredible. Mark Wahlberg however is not in the same boat as the other two, not only does he not fit as Sully at all. But his performance is just not good, he gives this very phoned in performance that feels like he walked on set and just didn’t care. The movie itself definitely has it’s entertaining moments particularly the final act however the CGI is just dreadful however (how do you have $120 million dollar movie with CGI that looks like that?) ultimately what hurts Uncharted the most is it really doesn’t feel like an Uncharted adaption, it feels more like any other treasure hunting adventure film that has been released in the last 10 years or so. As an adventure movie it gets the job done very well and has all of the elements you would expect, but as an Uncharted movie there’s definitely a lot more to be desired. Overall Uncharted is luckily not one of those video game adaption films that are a complete and total disaster, the movie is entertaining enough to watch if you have nothing else to watch. But this is definitely something I don’t see myself returning to anytime soon.

Uncharted is available in theaters.

5/10 C

Joe Bell (2021) Movie Review!

The true story of a small town, working class father who embarks on a solo walk across the U.S. to crusade against bullying after his son is tormented in high school for being gay.

Joe Bell is a movie where at first glance it seems like it’s trying to be meaningful and heartwarming but when you actually sit down and take a closer look at it that’s just not true at all. The only thing I can give this movie is Mark Wahlberg gives a fine enough performance and trust me when I say that isn’t enough to save this movie, my biggest issue with this movie is that it really tries to hammer in this idea that “at least I’m not AS homophobic as those guys” look I’m all for redemption stories, people can change it’s part of the human nature. However this feels like a very ignorant and a tasteless way of doing that. It doesn’t help that the writing is terrible and is a complete and total mess, the LGBT character is sidelined in favor of the father who’s homophobic. It feels like another inspiration porn but this case this movie was made for some straight people to pat themselves on the back. What makes this even more tasteless and honestly very uncomfortable is that this is based on an actual suicide, so not only is the movie just bad in general due to poor direction that has nothing to it at all. It completely fails at treating the true story with care, as for the rest of the movie it’s honestly shocking of how cheaply made despite a $33 million dollar budget (according to Deadline) I’ve seen films with a much lower budget that don’t feel anywhere near as cheaply made as this. As I said before the writing is a complete and total mess, it feels like nobody looked this over and just went with it. Overall Joe Bell is one of the worst movies of the year, it’s a complete mess, it’s tasteless and it just flat out fails on what it’s trying to do.

Joe Bell is now available on all VOD Platforms!

1/10 F

Infinite (2021) Movie Review!

A man discovers that his hallucinations are actually visions from past lives.

Infinite is one of those movies that got delayed numerous times due to COVID-19, apparently there’s rumors that the director Antoine Fuqua and Mark Wahlberg got pissed at Paramount when it was announced Infinite was going to go on Paramount Plus+ rather than theaters (don’t quote me on this it’s just a rumor) rumor or not Infinite is a terrible Sci-Fi movie that takes ideas from other far better films and completely fails on every single level. The only positive I can give this movie is Chiwetel Ejiofor gave a decent performance sure it was most definitely not his best but that is mainly due to the very poor script, which does give anyone any room to show their full acting ability. Mark Wahlberg is terrible and gives quite possibly one of his worst performances, the voiceover is very awkward and feels very out of place. The direction from Antoine Fuqua is also terrible, which is a huge shame because Fuqua is a very solid director (Training Day, Southpaw, The Equalizer and it’s sequel) even his not so good films like Olympus Has Fallen is nowhere near as bad as Infinite. It feels like it was made by an entirely different director, Infinite is one of those movies that adds nothing new to genre and ultimately feels like it was done without any care. Give this one a skip!

Infinite is now available on Paramount+!

1/10 F