SXSW Review: I Love My Dad (2022)

A hopelessly estranged father catfishes his son in an attempt to reconnect.

I Love My Dad is a film that shouldn’t work but somehow it does. The film is about a dad who misses his son so he catfishes him, what makes it work however is James Morosini (director and one of the leading roles) takes his life experience (yes it’s based on a true story) and make it very strangely entertaining. Patton Oswalt is another major factor on why the movie works, his performance as Chuck is both hilarious and very well fitting, Claudia Sulewski also does a really solid job. There’s a lot of cringe comedy here but it actually works in this movie’s favor mostly due to combining the comedy with some genuinely touching moments that actually do a great job of building the characters of Franklin and Chuck, the ending is a bit on the weak side it kind of feels like a cop out after such strong development and a very solid story. It just doesn’t really go into much depth as the rest of the movie does however that isn’t enough to stop it from being such an entertaining ride, is this going to be for everyone? Definitely not but if you are intrigued by the plot you should definitely check this one out when it releases.

I Love My Dad currently has no release date.

8/10 B+