Babylon is a beautiful unhinged ride from beginning to end.

Decadence, depravity, and outrageous excess lead to the rise and fall of several ambitious dreamers in 1920s Hollywood.

Part of what I truly love about film is that you will get times when directors go completely off the walls and create something incredibly unhinged. Babylon is definitely one of those cases, this is most definitely not a film that’s going to be for everyone. But It absolutely worked for me, for starters the cast was truly fantastic, I could write an entire post on how or what each of the characters contributes to the film but we would be here all day. Margot Robbie gives yet another really exciting performance that really captures the insane nature of the film, Diego Calva is truly great here as well. His interactions with the rest cast feels very genuine and we quickly see his character Manuel climb to the top as the film goes on, some smaller performances that really stood are Li Jun Li who is just having a ton of fun, P.J. Byrne who gives some of the film’s best comedic moments that are truly hilarious, Jovan Adepo who gives an incredibly solid performance and really dives into his role and finally there’s Tobey Maguire who honestly gives one of the most hilarious performances I’ve seen all year, he is very representative of how unhinged the film really is especially during the final act. The cinematography is beautiful and really captures a lot of the bizarre nature of the film combine that with the film’s overall theme…change and adapt. At the beginning we see (in the perspective of the characters) Hollywood at it’s prime, slowly but surely as new film technique’s are introduced and are the next big thing we see some of the character’s desperately trying to change and adapt, for some they adapt decently well but for others it starts their downfall which leads into some quite powerful moments. The writing really reflects that with a lot of the characters trying to figure out ways to standout in the new era of film, lastly there’s the film’s final moments where we see how far film has come, other characters realizing that they can’t adapt so they completely walk away. It’s truly some really strong elements combined into one bizarre film!

Babylon is available in theaters.

10/10 A+