The Bob’s Burgers Movie cooks up an entertaining ride!!

A ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob’s Burgers, blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belchers’ plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family’s restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope as they try to get back behind the counter.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is based on the animated tv series of the same name, I’ll start out by saying Bob’s Burgers is the only animated adult tv show that is currently still airing that I actually care for. There’s already been big discussions of why a lot of the shows in the genre have dropped massively in quality such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers however has managed to stay consistent and actually be really strong. Granted I haven’t seen every single episode of Bob’s Burgers but I have seen enough to say that I quite like the series, so I was pretty excited to hear that a movie was being released. Luckily The Bob’s Burger Movie does not disappoint and is what you expect, the film has a lot of the same humor and style that both blend so well together. Not every single joke is a hit but the charm mainly comes from the characters who are truly well written, the musical segments are quite fantastic and are genuinely hilarious as well. One main fear I did have with the movie going in was I was worried it was going to feel like an extended tv episode, and while sometimes it does feel like that mainly due to the many plots. For the most part it feels very cinematic mainly due to the animation having a more clean look to it and the energy of the film being very energized, the voice acting like the show is really strong one of the key aspects that make Bob’s Burgers so great is how well the cast blends together and that is displayed here quite well! Overall there might not be much to The Bob’s Burgers movie however it’s still a very entertaining ride from beginning to end, fans will most definitely love this one and the film is pretty accessible to people who haven’t seen the show!

The Bob’s Burgers Movie releases in theaters on Friday!

8/10 B+

Sneakerella is another lame Cinderella Story.

El, an aspiring sneaker designer from Queens, works as a stock boy in a shoe store and hides his artistic talent. Sparks fly after a chance encounter with Kira King, the daughter of sneaker royalty and a Manhattan Princess Charming of sorts. With a nudge from his best friend and a touch of magic, El finds the courage to lace up and dream big.

I’ll give Sneakerella this it wasn’t AS bad as I expected but that doesn’t make it a good movie (far from it), but the positives are mostly the acting from Chosen Jacobs, Lexi Underwood and Juan Chioran (who gets underutilized), the singing voices are pretty strong particularly the 3 I just mentioned have great singing voices and the choreography is actually pretty well done. There’s some genuine good moments during the singing segments as well as dancing segments that are touching. What completely hurts this movie however is the fact it’s a Cinderella story, this is the type of movie that did not need to be a Cinderella story. I think this would have largely benefited if it was it’s own thing and it did some changing around, granted they did change a few things from the typical Cinderella story but it wasn’t enough to warrant doing another one. Especially when we just had James Corden as a mouse last year, as far as the rest of the movie goes if you have seen Cinderella before you have already seen this one. Once again Sneakerella is yet another Disney+ movie that feels like a Disney Channel Original Movie except with a slightly higher budget, had Sneakerella been a dance movie something similar to Step Up for example and changed the plot around as well as the writing. This could have been something at least passable but as it stands it’s yet another Cinderella Story that will be quickly forgotten about. Sneakerella isn’t horrendous it’s just very forgettable, it might be a good watch for kids but for everyone else don’t bother.

Sneakerella is available on Disney+

4/10 D+

Cyrano is a flawed yet much different musical!

Too self-conscious to woo Roxanne himself, wordsmith Cyrano de Bergerac helps young Christian nab her heart through love letters.

Cyrano is definitely an interesting case, there’s a lot to this movie than I originally thought before going into it. I still am very undecided if it succeeded in every category perhaps another watch is needed but for now I feel confident in saying that I liked it for what it was. The strongest parts about it are by far the acting from Peter Dinklage, Haley Bennett and Kelvin Harrison Jr. all of which give fantastic performances and have a ton of charm to them as well. Something very refreshing to see is how romantic the film is, modern romance movies always have the need to go for the romantic comedy genre even when it’s not necessary. So it’s very refreshing to see a romance film that doesn’t try to become a romantic comedy halfway through the film, then there’s music which for the most part is pretty great. But by far the showstopper is “Wherever I Fall” it’s one of my favorite moments from a film 2021, between the lyrics, singing voices and the camera focusing on the tragedy and tension of the characters singing it truly captures something beautiful. Cyrano does have it’s draw backs one of the major ones being that Peter Dinklage is not a very good singer, he’s definitely not bad at all, but when compared to Bennett, Harrison Jr or anyone else in the film you start to see a massive difference. At times it’s very rough and doesn’t go for the emotion he intends to go for, with that said what does help is the charm. Peter Dinklage is a very charming actor in almost any given role he’s in so it at least helps with his singing. The pacing is unfortunately a issue, especially during the middle of the film where it feels like so much yet so little has actually happened. The last 40 or so minutes are by far the strongest parts of the film which includes some very powerful songs (one of which being Wherever I Fall the song I talked about earlier), some really strong acting and a nice wrap up to the film. Overall Cyrano is a very solid musical that’s quite different but I do think there were far better musicals that were released in 2021. Still I do recommend giving this one a shot when you get the chance.

Cyrano will be released in theaters worldwide February 25th

7/10 B

West Side Story (2021) is massive both in emotion and quality!

Love at first sight strikes when young Tony spots Maria at a high school dance in 1957 New York City. Their burgeoning romance helps to fuel the fire between the warring Jets and Sharks — two rival gangs vying for control of the streets.

If someone told me at the beginning of 2021 that West Side Story was going to end up being one of my favorite films of the year, I would not believe them at all. The trailers really did not do much for me at all, what I was very interested in was Spielberg directing and Rachel Zegler plus Ariana DeBose. West Side Story sets the tone of it’s music with the opening, it’s fast paced, very well filmed and very strong music wise. The whole film makes sure to tell the audience how massive it is, it’s a type of technique that I haven’t seen in a film in quite awhile. It’s mostly thanks to Spielberg’s direction which creates a beautiful picture along with the cinematography, which works perfectly with the choreography from everyone involved. Rachel Zegler gives a fantastic first time performance, she absolutely shines like a star and is definitely someone who’s going to have a nice long career, Ariana DeBose gives a fantastic performance as well, between the choreography and her singing voice she absolutely nails it. There’s one scene in particular with both Zegler and DeBose that truly show how powerful their voices are together, Rita Moreno brings more of the quite moments to life and does a spectacular job of doing just that, finally there’s Mike Faist who delivers some quite amazing choreography and brings so much emotion to his role. Ansel Elgort is definitely the weakest of the bunch there are moments where he’s not too bad, but Elgort isn’t enough to bring this film down. Mainly because the film isn’t the Elgort show it explores the different characters and how they feel about the current situations, plus everyone else involved completely out shines Elgort to the point where you completely forgot he was even there. Spielberg’s direction is truly perfection and a huge breath of fresh air after his last couple films, his direction in West Side Story really reminds you of why he’s one of the most celebrated directors working today. As I said in my Tick Tick Boom review there’s been a lot of musical films this year, West Side Story manages to be one of them that feels like you are at the show itself. From the acting, lighting and choreography it’s truly beautiful to see. As I said earlier the film feels massive which gives you a lot to explore during each music number or scene, West Side Story is truly one of the best films of the year and a huge accomplishment from Spielberg and a lot of the cast! Be sure to check this one out!

West Side Story is in theaters!

10/10 A+

Tick Tick Boom is an emotional and inspiring film!

Based on the autobiographical musical by playwright Jonathan Larson. It’s the story of an aspiring composer in New York City who is worried he made the wrong career choice, whilst navigating the pressures of love and friendship.

Fun fact Jonathan Larson the man that Andrew Garfield went to the same college I did and graduated with the same degree as well (Adelphi University with a BFA)

2021 has been year filled with musicals, some of which have really stood out and remain as some of the best films of the year. While others have completely failed and have either been forgotten or end up being some of the worst of the year. Tick Tick Boom is truly one of or arguably the best musical I’ve seen this year. Andrew Garfield gives easily one of the best performances of the year, in fact this role is most definitely going to be a highlight of his career he truly captures the broadway aesthetic type of performance that makes you feel like you are there watching a broadway show. In fact the whole film itself feels like the closest to a Broadway show, from the sets, to everyone’s acting and facial expressions it really does hit the Broadway feel out of the park. Alexandra Shipp and Robin de Jesús both do a fantastic job as well, the singing voices are all beautiful and truly make this film standout. The film itself is a huge gut punch as well especially towards the end because it is indeed a sad but very inspiring story that really hits your emotions at all times. It’s a film that truly gets to you and inspires you, in some ways I can relate to this film being worried I made the wrong choice and navigating through tough pressures. Overall Tick Tick Boom is one of the best films of the year and is something that I highly recommend watching especially if your a fan of Broadway!

Tick Tick Boom is available on Netflix!

10/10 A+

The Strings is a beautifully haunting experience!

In the dead of winter, a musician travels to a remote cottage to work on new material, but soon finds herself under attack from a mysterious dark presence.

The Strings will most definitely not be for everyone, as it is the very definition of a slow burn. With that said The Strings is one of the most hauntingly beautiful films of the year, Tegan Johnston gives a haunting but at the same time gorgeous performance. Johnston is a star in the making, there isn’t a whole lot of dialogue however it’s replaced for cold cinematography and Johnston’s acting which does a fantastic job of telling the viewer how she feels and what they she is thinking. The music is beautifully done it captures the atmosphere that the film is going for, which is something I haven’t seen in too many movies as of late and that is the sense of loneliness. The film takes place in a remote cottage during the winter while it’s snowing, which is the perfect opportunity to use such a haunting atmosphere that really brings you into the film. Tegan Johnston also has a beautiful singing voice, her voice also captures the sense of loneliness type feel to it as well. Overall The Strings is one of the best films of the year that I can’t recommend enough!!

The Strings is available on Shudder!

9/10 A

Diana: The Musical is a boring and disastrous musical.

The dazzling and devastating life of Princess Diana takes center stage in this original musical, filmed in advance of its official Broadway opening.

I’m not going to harp on this one for too long because there really isn’t much to comment on. Diana: The Musical is another one of those recorded performances that was put on to a streaming service in this case Netflix, which I don’t mind streaming services doing this however the line gets drawn when something (and I hate to use this word) cringe gets shoved on the platform. Diana: The Musical has nothing going for it, the songs feel like the exact same thing, the show feels way too long and feels grating. The plot is not interesting at the slightest, heck I’m not even entirely sure what the plot is due to it feeling like a complete and total mess. I’m sure the performers are talented people and they definitely tried with what they were given, but not once did I feel any sort of emotion or good performance being put into it. I really don’t have anything else to say, originally I was going to skip this one and I wish I did.

Diana: The Musical is now available on Netflix!

Disgrace To Cinema F

Dear Evan Hansen is the biggest disappointment movie in 2021 thus far.

Evan Hansen is an anxious, isolated high-school student who’s aching for understanding and belonging amid the chaos and cruelty of the social media age. He soon embarks on a journey of self-discovery when a letter he wrote for a writing exercise falls into the hands of a grieving couple whose son took his own life.

There is absolutely a lot to say about how much of a complete and total disaster Dear Evan Hansen was so sit tight. Let’s just jump right into it and get the positives out of the way, I actually enjoyed a lot of the songs, sure the context of where certain songs were are pretty bad. But the songs themselves are great, plus everyone in the cast does a pretty good job at singing (I really liked Kaitlyn Dever’s singing voice.) the scene where you You Will Be Found was actually quite great, I could help but sing along to it and the scene itself is very well done. As far as performances Kaitlyn Dever is easily the best she steals a huge amount of the scenes she’s in and really shows her talent quite well here. Amandla Stenberg isn’t too bad either, granted she’s not given a whole lot to do towards the end of the movie but she works with what’s given. Which leads me to Julianne Moore and Amy Adams both of which do great…the problem is they aren’t given much to do, especially Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore shows up in a handful of scenes and that’s really it, while Amy Adams is given more to do than Moore it still isn’t enough to turn her performance into something amazing. That’s where Dear Evan Hansen ends for me, the most common criticism about this movie that Ben Platt is way too old and looks way too old which is true but that’s the least of this movie’s worries. But I’ll briefly explain why that’s a huge issue and why isn’t in other movies, the problem here is Ben Platt looks his age, he doesn’t have the luck of looking far younger take The Amazing Spider-Man for example. Andrew Garfield was 27 years old at the time but he LOOKS a hell of a lot younger meaning you can get away with that. Ben Platt was 27 (he actually turned 28 the day Dear Evan Hansen released) and he could not pull off being a kid from high school. With that out of the way let’s move on to the writing….it’s very painful. A lot of the writing ultimately comes down to being really out of touch with mental health issues (I know this movie has helped people with their mental health so if you are one of those people reading this is just my opinion and I’m glad this movie helped you out!) the writing really tries to make a terrible situation into something that’s not a big deal, what annoys me the most is from what I’ve heard a few of the songs from the Broadway show that actually call out Hansen’s behavior…yet they were cut. Which leads me to the running time….2 hours and 17 minutes It has no business being this long, in fact why couldn’t they cut out some scenes and add in some of the songs that do call out Hansen’s behavior? That would have made the movie more interesting, it’s a shame to because I do believe Dear Evan Hansen had potential heck I ranked it as my most anticipated film of September 2021. As far as everything else the movie itself is a chore to sit through, the mental health aspects of it feel like one of those viral Twitter posts that somehow get a lot of likes and says “sitting in a chair ruins my mental health or is a trauma response.” As I said before because I do think this is very important to make clear, I know Dear Evan Hansen is going to have it’s fans and as I said earlier I do know that this movie has actually helped people. Which as I always say more power to you, I’m glad you enjoyed something I didn’t! But overall Dear Evan Hansen completely misses it’s mark, it’s hands down the most disappointing movie I’ve seen so far this year. If you aren’t a fan or aren’t familiar with the source material don’t even bother.

Dear Evan Hansen is now available in Theaters!

2/10 F

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is energetic and worth talking about!

Jamie New is a 16-year-old who doesn’t quite fit in. Instead of pursuing a traditional career, he dreams of becoming a drag queen. Uncertain about his future, Jamie knows one thing for sure — he’s going to be a sensation. Supported by his loving mother and amazing friends, Jamie overcomes discrimination and bullying to step out of the darkness — and into the spotlight.

2021 has been the year of musical films, some have been fantastic and others have been horrendous. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is luckily one of the fantastic ones, while it does become familiar at times there is absolutely no denying that this movie hit it out of the park in several different ways. First off the cast did a fantastic job, Max Harwood and Lauren Patel being the standouts who truly have beautiful singing voices as well. Speaking of which a good majority of the songs really stood out, each of them had their own identity and were energetic. Each of them advanced the story and really showed how talented the cast are. The story itself is beautiful and very inspirational, it really gives the audience many different types of emotions. There’s a ton of quiet moments for the characters which end up being some of the most powerful as well as being the most meaningful as well, lastly the film is just such a blast. It’s one of those musicals that manages to balance every type of emotion and at the same time remains a lot of fun. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a fantastic ride that I highly recommend!

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is now available on Amazon Prime Video!

8/10 B+

Cinderella (2021) fails at being a good adaption and fails at being a decent movie.

A modern movie musical with a bold take on the classic fairy tale. Our ambitious heroine has big dreams and with the help of her fab Godmother, she perseveres to make them come true.

Cinderella (2021) did manage to do one thing…unite all sides or Twitter to absolutely destroy it, that aside this new adaption of Cinderella truly feels like a complete waste of time. Billy Porter (who is barely in the movie) and Idina Menzel (at times) are the only two positives I can give this movie, the rest of it is a huge mess. First off Camila Cabello’s performance is one of the most nothing special about it performances I’ve seen so far this year, I just didn’t buy Camila as Cinderella had this been some other performance than maybe. Almost all of the songs were covers….bad covers, trying to combine songs like Rhythm Nation into a Cinderella story just feels way too out of place and completely takes you out of the movie. Don’t even get me started on the jokes, if I have to hear James Corden talking about how proud he is of his “front tail” ever again I swear I’m going to quit reviewing films. The jokes in this movie are some of the most unfunny and painful I’ve listened to in recent memory, which only shocks me because Kay Cannon who directed Blockers is the director. While I’m not one of those people who found Blockers hysterical i at least found it to be one of the better modern comedies. Then there’s the whole look of the movie, it feels very cheaply made (the CGI on the mice look like they are from a very early PS2 game). I appreciate at times the movie was trying to do something a little bit different but the problem is the movie fails at that as well, this version of Cinderella also tries to shoehorn this whole “girlboss” narrative into it but that falls flat as well. There’s no build up, no character development or any really growth. Overall Cinderella (2021) completely misses it fails as an adaption of Cinderella (can we please stop with Cinderella adaptions?) and it fails at being an actual decent movie. You are better off watching any other Cinderella story that came before this one.

Cinderella is now available on Amazon Prime Video!

1/10 F