Skinamarink is a sleep paralysis nightmare to never forget.

Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.

Skinamarink is what happens if your sleep paralysis demon got a hold of a camera and said “I’m going to make a film!” Then proceeded to make one of the creepiest and atmospheric films out there. 

Skinamarink is a one of a kind experience and really takes the horror genre in a very different, for starters the film doesn’t really follow a three act structure and never even shows the character’s faces instead it tells the story with dark ceilings, occasional voices, flashes from the tv and a few other small elements. This film really reduces you to when you were a child, when you would see shadows that you could almost swear were people when in reality they were just objects in your room. The film has this grainy look to it combined with it being dark and images of walls, hallways, ceilings, in a clever way the film makes your eyes play tricks on you thinking you see something in the film that’s not really there. It’s a very horrifying callback to childhood fears for the viewer, you could almost swear you see something move but in reality there isn’t anything there. Skinamarink of course has the hauntingly beautiful atmosphere to back it up, it’s the type of atmosphere that truly horrifies the viewer to the core and immediately drags you into the film. 

In fact the film really does a fantastic job of bringing the viewer into the film, nothing is explained in the film and it’s up to the viewer to make of all of this. It brings the viewer into a dark and lonely space with the only sign of people there are the voices of children, everything else is dark, lonely and abandonment. 

Overall Skinamarink is a film you must see to believe it’s a truly fantastic film that works on so many levels, it might not be for everyone but I do highly recommend it if you are interested. 

Skinamarink is currently in theaters and will be on Shudder later this year. 

10/10 A+


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