White Noise has great performances but a very messy third act.

College professor Jack Gladney and his family’s comfortable suburban life is upended when a nearby chemical leak causes “The Airborne Toxic Event,” releasing a noxious black cloud over the region that forces the Gladney family to evacuate.

White Noise is definitely an odd one and quite different from what Noah Baumbach usually does, it’s honestly hard where to actually begin with the film but I’ll try my best. The performances here are pretty great, particularly Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig who completely steal the show. It’s great to see Adam Driver deliver yet another insane performance that is also yet another very different performance, his career has really shown he has a ton of range so I’m glad to see that be applied here. White Noise is actually Greta Gerwig’s first live action performance since 2016 and it really reminds you how great of an actress she really is, the interactions between Driver and Gerwig are truly great and at times quite humorous as well. Something very eye catching almost immediately was the film’s overall style, it’s use of color is quite captivating and the film has this early 90s family film look that when it’s mixed in with disaster film elements is quite a lot of fun. The main flaw White Noise does suffer from is the third act mostly and the complete shift in tone, while I do admire it going for something completely unexpected I’m not exactly sure if it completely worked. The first two acts were investing and were decently straightforward but then the film just throws a curveball for the sake of throwing one, it’s very nonsensical and is honestly quite hard to keep track of what exactly is going on. I will say however that the scene plays while the credits roll is a lot of fun, despite my issues with third act I do think White Noise is still a solid film, it is a tad disappointing in some areas but it does succeed when it comes to performances and the filming.

White Noise is available on Netflix.

7/10 B


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