Falling For Christmas a solid return for Lindsay Lohan.

A young, newly engaged heiress has a skiing accident in the days before Christmas. After she is diagnosed with amnesia, she finds herself in the care of the handsome cabin owner and his daughter.

After a weird and quite terrible small return back in 2019 which was Among The Shadows, Lindsay Lohan makes her true return with Falling For Christmas. Something that falls more in line with her previous work and captures the best parts about her as an actress, while admittedly the movie has a lot of that hallmark channel spirit and the movie is filled to the brim with cliches. There’s something about this movie that actually makes this one standout, it’s mainly due to the cast connecting with each other pretty well and there is a genuine heart put into this one. Which is very rare for a lot of these Christmas Netflix movies, as mentioned before Lindsay Lohan is truly great here, sure it might not be a groundbreaking performance but this is the type of performance that got everyone to love Lohan in the first place. There’s a huge amount of charm that goes into the chemistry between Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet as well, overall while Falling For Christmas is most certainly not going to break any new ground and it is heavily flawed it’s still a genuinely fun ride. It’s a welcome return for Lindsay Lohan and this is definitely something to watch to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Falling For Christmas is available on Netflix.

6/10 C+

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