The Other Tom has it’s heart in the right place but ultimately misses with it’s messaging.

A single mother and her 9-year-old son are living in the U.S. by themselves and relying on a thin public safety net to survive. When the boy is hastily diagnosed with ADHD, their fraught bond is pushed to its limit.

I definitely think there is a conversation to be had about the message The Other Tom is trying to say, a conversation about over doing medication for kids and how kids with ADHD are treated. However what hurts the movie is the way the movie goes about telling it, unfortunately it does feel like a PSA in some areas especially with some of the acting. Julia Chavez definitely gives it her all and at times delivers a genuinely touching performance while others are nowhere near as strong. A huge issue here is while the movie does claim that it’s sympathetic to households with kids with ADHD and while it does show some sympathy it’s done In a way that doesn’t really offer any solutions. Especially when it comes to the movie tackling over-medicating kids, it mainly says “over-medicating bad” and does nothing else to explain or show any solutions. The other issue is the movie tends to be very overwritten with a lot of melodrama thrown in, a lot of said drama is very irrelevant to the story and could have easily been left out and nothing would have changed. I definitely think The Other Tom has it’s heart in the right place but unfortunately goes about telling the story in a very dull way that isn’t particularly memorable.

The Other Tom is available on all VOD platforms.

4/10 D+

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