Bros is a charming enough romantic comedy.

Bobby is a neurotic podcast host who’s happy to go on Tinder dates and content not to have a serious relationship. That all changes when he meets Aaron, an equally detached lawyer who likes to play the field. Repeatedly drawn to each other, both men begin to show their vulnerable sides as their undeniable attraction turns into something resembling a commitment.

Bros is completely fine for what it is, despite many flaws that stick out like a sore thumb the good parts really help the movie stand. There’s some genuinely funny jokes here that actually work surprisingly well, the cameo from Debra Messing in particular is quite great and I do have to hand it to Luke Macfarlane who gives both a quite funny yet very charming performance that actually had some emotional bits to it that I didn’t see coming, the same can’t really be said for Billy Eichner unfortunately. While there are times he does a decent job particularly a mini monologue scene that actually gives his character Bobby a bit more depth than the rest of the movie did, a lot of the time his performance feels like it’s from a completely different movie. The strange part here is as far as the writing goes Billy Eichner actually did a really solid job it’s just the way he executes his lines is what the issue is. While the movie does have a lot of representation from a lot of races and sexualities and it’s a great thing to see, a lot of the side characters just don’t get a whole lot to do and are mainly pushed aside. Which I do get they are side characters, but here they are given so little to do outside of appearing in a few scenes every once and awhile. The movie doesn’t take full advantage of the rest of the cast it could have and you can’t help but feel some scenes should have given the other characters something to do. Despite that problems however Bros is not a bad movie, it hits a lot of beats that make a good romantic comedy and there’s plenty of entertainment to get out of this one. This might not be something I’ll ever come back to but it was a decent watch.

Bros is available on all VOD platforms.

6/10 C+

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