Causeway is a breezy and powerful character study full of honesty.

Lynsey, a U.S. soldier, experiences a traumatic brain injury during her tour in Afghanistan which forces her to return home. She struggles to return to her daily life with her mother as she waits for her eventual redeployment.

Causeway is a film I’ve been waiting for awhile now and the wait was truly worth it, I’ve always been a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence so it’s truly fantastic to see her back doing the type of roles she loves doing and does really well at. Her performance as Lynsey a U.S. soldier who experiences a traumatic brain injury and is forced to return home is truly an honest one. The film really creates a portrait of her character interacting with the rest of the cast who do a fantastic job here, the other standout being Brian Tyree Henry who plays James a car repairer who quickly befriends Lynsey and from there they start to have honest conversations with each other that lead to a lot of character study type of scenes. From the very first scene Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry are in together they instantly connect, mostly due to how creative and unbelievably good they are as performers combined with the writing which has a lot of meaning and depth to it. The main theme of the film is trying to rebuild your life after a traumatic event which is never an easy thing to do and the film shows plus explains that quite well, it mainly shows this from close up shows of Lawrence and Henry, a ton of quiet moments that let the viewer sink in the information and the honest nature of the characters with their emotions. Lastly there’s the direction from Lila Neugebauer who does a fantastic job here especially with it being her directional debut, she creates a breezy atmosphere that’s both relaxing and honest at the same time.

Causeway is available on Apple TV+

10/10 A


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