Tar is a masterfully crafted film with a unforgettable performance from Cate Blanchett.

Renowned musician Lydia Tár is days away from recording the symphony that will elevate her career. When all elements seem to conspire against her, Lydia’s adopted daughter Petra becomes an integral emotional support for her struggling mother.

Tar is truly something mesmerizing that I’m still thinking about a week and half later since I saw it, immediately when the film starts the atmosphere hits you right in the face. It’s a mysterious and almost like a dark void, like you are the only person there in a world that is covered in darkness. It’s truly a haunting feeling that is only the beginning of what’s to come, Cate Blanchett gives one of the strongest performances of the year, there is so much to her performance mainly due to the amount of emotional, detail and power that went into it. Blanchett plays Lydia Tar who in the film is one of the greatest living composer conductors and first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, who is very passionate about her work. Right near the beginning the film starts with a monologue that Cate Blanchett absolutely hits out of the park, it’s a fantastic introduction to Lydia Tar and how she can be quite intimidating as well as surprisingly funny, in fact that’s the most unnerving thing about Lydia she can go from being funny to intimidating in a split second which only adds to what is learned about her later on in the movie. The film talks about abuse of power as well as cancel culture however it has more of a nuanced approach that carefully examines how each side reacts and the human nature of it all. It keeps the film far more grounded and more interesting as well, Lydia is such a well built character that has so many sides to her and that’s really mainly due to how well written and directed it is from Todd Fields and the performance from Cate Blanchett. Todd Fields brings so much realism to the film and truly makes every scene count, each of the scenes tell something unique and have so much detail included within them. Fields keeps things as grounded as possible especially when it comes to the themes of abuse of power and cancel culture (if that’s what you want to call it) the abuse of power part isn’t in the direct spotlight in the real world it’s done sneakily and often times covered up which is shown here in this film. Cancel Culture while it often does take place online here it’s done in a much more realistic approach and has more realistic results of what happens. The film is honest and gets the point across masterfully. Overall Tar is a masterfully crafted film that is truly something that needs to be seen, it’s one of the best films of the year and I can’t recommend this one enough!

Tar is currently in theaters.

10/10 A+

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