Triangle Of Sadness is an insane right from beginning to end.

A cruise for the super-rich sinks, leaving survivors, including a fashion model celebrity couple, trapped on an island.

To say Triangle Of Sadness is truly insane and completely out there (in a good way) would be the understatement of the year, right from the beginning there’s a huge sense of style. Particularly with the cast the standouts being Dolly De Leon who does a tremendous job during part three of the film and becomes one of the film’s biggest highlights. Zlatko Burić gives a quite hilarious performance that offers many laughs and much like De Leon really gets strong in part 3, Woody Harrelson who although doesn’t get the biggest amount of screen time is still a delight to see and much like Burić is quite humorous. Finally there’s Charlbi Dean Kriek who gives a tremendous performance that is one of the year’s best, it’s very unfortunate that we will never get to see more of her as she sadly passed away back in August. She truly gave a really strong performance that really connected the characters in part 3. The film is a satire of the rich and the class element, while it is very on the nose about it that’s part of the fun about the whole film. It really let’s loose it’s insanity while also being very well written, there’s a lot of attention to detail with the filming as well. There’s some personal character moments that help evolve the characters from being just background characters to actual main characters who have much more to say, the only slight criticism is the bit of the third part sort of deflated, it doesn’t quite match with what the rest of the movie was saying and does draw out a tiny bit. But that’s not enough to stop Triangle Of Sadness to be such a really strong film that will definitely make you laugh.

Triangle Of Sadness is currently in theaters.

9/10 A

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