Quick Review: The Independent.

A young journalist discovers a conspiracy involving a U.S. Presidential candidate that could change the election and the fate of the country.

The Independent is a very dull political thriller that just sort of exists, while the cast isn’t bad as they give it their all with such a shallow script. Jodie Turner-Smith and Ann Dowd in particular are pretty okay, there were also some scenes that were admittedly engaging that gave the movie some sort tension. However a majority of it really fails to do anything more than just tell a bland political thriller story, it’s way too predictable for it’s own good and nothing really stands out at all. The biggest problem here is that it feels more like a pilot for a NBC show rather than a movie, which is probably why it was quietly shoved on to Peacock without any advertising. Which is quite odd because you would think a movie where John Cena is running for president would do a hell of a lot more with that idea. Overall The Independent is largely forgettable and just does not have a whole lot to it.

The Independent is available on Peacock.

3/10 D-

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