Matriarch is a forgettable slow burn horror movie.

Afflicted with a mysterious disease after surviving an overdose, a woman returns to her childhood home to confront her personal demons but instead discovers a real one.

Definitely not a whole lot to say here, Matriarch has it’s positives such as the acting that is all around pretty solid and the atmosphere combined with the cinematography creates at times a haunting type of experience. The major problems here mostly stem from the movie not using it’s themes all that well, the movie is definitely trying to say something about childhood trauma and combine it with slow burn elements. The problem is there’s been films that have come before it that have done this exact type of thing a lot better, the last 25 or so minutes are definitely the standout here where the movie just goes off the rails (in a good way) but by then it’s a bit too late to bring you back into the movie. It’s a shame because the ideas presented (some light body horror stuff) are quite interesting but the rest of the movie really takes away from it, Matriarch isn’t a bad attempt and might actually work fine enough for some people but there are definitely better options out there.

Matriarch is available on Hulu.

5/10 C

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