Tahara is a very raw film filled with personal conversations.

Two best friends attend the funeral of a Hebrew school classmate who died by suicide and accidentally damage their friendship beyond repair.

Tahara is only 78 minutes long but it does quite a lot in that amount of time, immediately this film sets up a compelling aspect ratio that really makes the film standout, plus we have the characters Hannah Rosen (Rachel Sennott) and Carrie Lowstein (Madeline Grey DeFreece) both of which almost immediately come off as very real people due to the performances from Sennott and DeFreece both of which are raw and very touching, there’s so much passion and talent put into their respective roles that it almost feels like you are actually there with them. The up close and personal camera shots also add to the character’s many several conversations they have with one another, a certain type of genre (if that’s the right word) of film that I truly love is a film that mostly focuses two or more characters having personal conversations with one another, while there are other scenes of the two main characters having conversations with the other characters that isn’t the main focus. The main focus is Hannah and Carrie who like I said before feel like very real people, they have emotions that are complicated as well goals and their own personalities. The direction from Olivia Peace is truly spectacular, she makes it as raw as possible as well as putting so much atmosphere in the film that it just pops out. Tahara is a film I highly recommend giving a watch!

Tahara is available on all VOD platforms.

10/10 A+

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