Old Man has great performances but lacks a investing story.

After a lost hiker stumbles into the cabin of an eccentric old man, it becomes clear that one of them is hiding a terrifying secret.

I often like films with very limited rooms or settings, Old Man takes place in a cabin where a lost hiker (Marc Senter) finds a cabin where a man simply known as in this film old man (Stephen Lang) lives. It’s a simple setup that Director Lucky McKee builds quite well, however what comes after that is sort of a mixed bag that really does not have a whole to it. Outside of the performances Stephen Lang and Mark Senter, who actually give some quite grounded performances at times (keywords being at times because they do jump the shark towards the end) as well as the sharp and thrilling atmosphere that is very present. The story being told really isn’t enough to grab the viewer’s attention, this would have easily worked far better as a short or a segment that’s part of an anthology film, mainly due to the story being told would be far more mysterious and the viewers would be given far less answers which in this case is a good thing. The more the movie tells about the old man’s past the less thrilling and investing it gets, its a shame because Stephen Lang seriously does a fantastic job and would have been even more effective had the film let the character of the old man be more mysterious and tell his development and his motivations through his actions. Old Man is definitely not a bad movie, it’s competently made with some great performances and thrilling atmosphere at times. It just would have been far better off as a short film.

Old Man is available on all VOD platforms.

5/10 C

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