Spirit Halloween: The Movie…wasted potential the movie.

Locked inside a store on Halloween night, three middle school friends encounter an angry spirit that possesses creepy animatronic characters.

How do you take a concept such as a group of kids being trapped in A Spirit Of Halloween story and some of the decorations come to life and attack them so dull? Well apparently this movie has the answer to that, outside of a fun appearance from Christopher Lloyd and Rachel Leigh Cook there truly is nothing here that’s very memorable. They really do the bare minimum with the concept, sure there’s a few decorations that come to life but the main issue here is the writing and characters. The writing is just flat out unremarkable, there’s absolutely no substance to anything being shown on screen. The most the movie does with it’s writing is try to give a very surface level explanation of why everything is coming to life, the characters are incredibly one dimensional and are pretty much your typical kid friend group in these types of movies. Only where as other characters of those types are actually fun (such as the ones in the Goosebumps movies) these ones have absolutely nothing to them outside of their one character trait. The movie is clearly made for younger audiences in mind which is perfectly fine, however when it comes to gateway horror movies there is so much lacking here, it’s really a collection of kid horror movie cliches presented as an interesting idea. Overall Spirit Of Halloween: The Movie has a few moments of fun and decent performances from Cook and Lloyd but is overall very forgettable plus it wastes such an interesting concept that could have been a movie worth coming back to.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie is available on all VOD platforms.

2/10 F

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