Lou is another forgettable Netflix action thriller.

A young girl is kidnapped during a powerful storm. Her mother joins forces with her mysterious neighbour to set off in pursuit of the kidnapper. Their journey will test their limits and expose the dark secrets of their past.

What a surprise another Netflix action thriller that’s very forgettable, it’s a shame because there is at least some decent parts about this one. Allison Janney is actually pretty great as one of the main leads, her character is quite interesting it’s just a shame there isn’t a whole lot of development until the last half. Jurnee Smollett and Logan Marshall-Green are also pretty solid here as well plus there’s some actually decent action scenes that are quite entertaining. Outside of all of that there really isn’t much else here, a lot of it is beat by beat action thriller plot lines and is way too predictable for it’s own good. The writing offers interesting ideas during the first half of the movie but never expands on them as the movie goes on, I guess Lou is a fine enough time waster but at that point why even bother when there’s better films in the genre?

Lou is available on Netflix.

4/10 D+

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