6 Festivals is filled with heart and great music.

Maxie, Summer and James share a deep bond and love for music. James is the entrepreneur of the trio, his sights set on a career as a promoter. Summer has an incredible singing voice. Maxie is the maestro of mischief. When James receives a devastating diagnosis, the friends — each with burdens to bear — throw themselves into a whirlwind of festivals in an attempt to escape reality.

6 Festivals is a pretty generic coming of age movie but what makes up for it is mostly the performances and the heart of the movie. I can definitely see a lot of the cast going on to do bigger films somewhere down the line, particularly Rasmus King and Yasmin Honeychurch who has a beautiful singing voice. The second half of the movie was far better than the first mostly due to the emotional and character scenes kicking in, where as the first half is just sort of generic in it’s writing with common coming of age elements. Underneath all the music festivals there’s troubles that each of the main characters go through, while not every single one is a home run writing wise. There is still some very interesting bits that will invest the viewer and has a lot to say about different types of issues the characters are going through.

6 Festivals is available on Paramount+

6/10 C+

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