Meet Cute is a stale Groundhog Day clone.

Sheila, a young woman grappling with suicidal thoughts, discovers that a tanning bed in a nail salon is a time machine. Traveling back 24 hours, she relives the best date night of her life over and over, only to decide that her boyfriend, Gary, needs some fixing. Unaware that meddling with the past could ruin the future, Sheila goes even further back in time to turn him into the perfect man even though he was already pretty perfect.

Meet Cute is yet another Groundhog Day type movie at this point there’s been several films, to be absolutely fair their have some quite fantastic films that take the premise and manage to make it their own (Happy Death Day, Edge Of Tomorrow and Palm Springs in particular). That’s unfortunately not the case here with Meet Cute, the weird thing about the movie is the whole Groundhog Day elements aren’t fully realized despite that being the main idea of the movie. A lot of it is very surface level and doesn’t attempt to even try to go into detail about it’s ideas, the chemistry between Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson just isn’t there at all. They both definitely try their hardest with the script they are given but the dialogue does not do them any favors, Kaley Cuoco gives the better performance as there are a few moments where she makes some scenes work.

3/10 D-


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