I Came By is a by the numbers thriller.

Follows a young graffiti artist who discovers a shocking secret that would put him and the ones closest to him in danger.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot to say about Babak Anvari’s (Director of Under The Shadow and Wounds) third movie I Came By, It’s basically Don’t Breathe (2016) but with a rich vs poor theme that sadly isn’t able to be explored all that well. Which is mostly due to a lot of the movie being way too predictable, because of this it ruins a lot of what could have been suspenseful moments. The movie itself at least is filmed very well and the acting is really solid as well there’s definitely some moments that are pretty strong, however they aren’t enough to completely push this movie into something great unfortunately. It’s a very by the numbers thriller that I’ll admit is far better than a lot of other Netflix original thrillers but that is really not saying much.

I Came By is available on Netflix.

5/10 C

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