The Andy Baker Tape half a good found footage movie.

The last known footage of food blogger Jeff Blake and his half-brother Andy Baker.

I’ve said this multiple times already but my issue with a lot of the modern found footage horror genre is they take an eternity to get to the main point of the movie. That’s sadly the case here with The Andy Baker Tape, the main leads Bret Lada and Dustin Fontaine are at least engaging and actually do a far better job than you would expect. They both clearly seem like they are having the time of their lives with this movie so at least the passion is there, the plot itself just takes way too long to get going and the horror elements actually end up weakening the movie quite a bit. All that happens is Andy ends up being creepy midway through the movie and from there it’s quite predictable, I like the whole premise of “certain character becomes odd” but it’s down in such a bare bones way that’s been done to death numerous times already. Overall The Andy Baker Tape is definitely not bad and gets points for a strong start, likable leads and decent filming but ultimately doesn’t have anything new to add to a very crowded subgenre.

The Andy Baker Tape is available on the Terror Channel and will be released on all VOD Platforms August 12th.

5/10 C

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