No Okay is a smart commentary about social media with brilliant performances.

A misguided young woman who is desperate for friends and fame fakes a trip to Paris to update her social media presence. A terrifying incident takes place in the real world, which becomes a part of the imaginary trip and offers all she wants.

Not Okay is a really solid film that’s a commentary about social media, such as activism and how being held accountable is actually pretty important. The film is mostly strong the performances department with Zoey Deutch who gives a well done performance that is both charming and quite hilarious as well. Mia Isaac (who was in Don’t Make Me Go) steals every single scene she’s in, there’s particular moments here that she really shows her talent and actually give the viewer some goosebumps, when Deutch and Isaac are on screen together it’s truly amazing. The combination of both talents takes the film to a new level and truly captures a range of emotions as well, the direction from Quinn Shephard is truly well done. It’s energetic, raw and actually sums up what a lot of people on social media act like (and to this day still do). Although there’s some parts the movie could have elaborated a bit more on, for a majority of the movie it was very well written, acted and directed!

Not Okay is available on Hulu!

8/10 B+

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