Most Anticipated Films Of August 2022!

Another month in the books! August is up next and has quite a few films that have a lot of potential to be really fun and fantastic. As always I’ll quickly list films I’ve already seen that I highly recommend checking out!

Resurrection – August 5th (VOD)

I Love My Dad – August 12th (VOD)

Emily The Criminal – August 12th (Theaters)

Girl Picture – August 12th (Theaters)

Breaking (formally known as 892) – August 26th (Theaters)

Now for the list!

18. Maneater – August 26th (VOD)

17. They/Them – August 5th (Peacock)

16. 13: The Musical – August 12th (Netflix)

15. Allegoria – August 2nd (Shudder)

14. Glorious – August 18th (Shudder)

13. Orphan: First Kill – August 19th (Paramount+)

12. What Josiah Saw – August 4th (Shudder)

11. When I Consume You – August 16th (VOD)

10. Samaritan – August 26th (Amazon Prime Video)

9. Thirteen Lives – August 5th (Amazon Prime Video)

8. Beast – August 19th (Theaters)

7. Fall – August 12th (Theaters)

6. The Invitation – August 26th (Theaters)

5. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – August 19th (Theaters)

4. Both Sides Of The Blade – August 23rd (VOD)

3. Prey – August 5th (Hulu)

2. Three Thousands Years Longing – August 31st (Theaters)

1. Bodies Bodies Bodies – August 5th (Limited Theaters) August 12th (Wide)

And that’s the list!! Which films are you excited for?

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