Terror On The Prairie is forgettable and lifeless.

A frontier woman fights for her life against a ruthless gang of outlaws on the plains of Montana.

Terror On The Prairie is another movie from The Daily Wire which earlier this year released Shut In, which I reviewed and to sum it up it’s the most nothing special about thriller you could watch. Terror On The Prairie is a step up from Shut In but that’s not saying much, the biggest problem with this movie is that it’s very soulless. The acting is all around pretty okay, but what bogs It down is the direction and writing. There’s no style to it at all they took what could have been an interesting setting to mix with the atmosphere and somehow made it very dull and forgettable, when you mix that with the script that is very bare bones and doesn’t say anything outside of a lot of western movie cliches. You get a movie that really doesn’t know what it wants to be, it most certainly doesn’t feel like a thriller as a lot of the scenes that are supposed to be suspenseful are very empty. Which again is mainly due to the direction being incredibly lifeless, the lack of a soundtrack while trying to be suspenseful also does not work here at all. In some other movies this actually works quite well but the difference is those movies have a far better directing style, while this movie doesn’t. Overall Terror On The Prairie much like Shut In does not have a whole to it, it’s a very unremarkable movie that’s added to the genre.

Terror On The Prairie is available on Daily Wire.

3/10 D-

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