Beauty has a great message but is poorly executed.

A young singer on the brink of a promising career finds herself torn between a domineering family, industry pressures and her love for her girlfriend.

I very much agree with what Beauty is trying to say and it’s message, being that the music industry can treat singers horribly and some experiences are flat out terrible. The issue is how the movie goes about telling the viewer about it, Niecy Nash and the cast are great in their roles but none of the characters are given any interesting character growth. Leading to writing which is very minimal and not much to work with, the family drama bit while well acted is very by the numbers we have seen before in other success stories, you have the dad who wants to use his daughter and the mother who’s hard their daughter but is still caring. Even the main character played by Niecy Nash isn’t given any development at all, plus there’s a lot of editing decisions that come completely out of left field and don’t match the tone of the movie at all. Overall there’s definitely some good ideas in Beauty it’s just not happening unfortunately.

Beauty is available on Netflix

4/10 D+

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