The Man From Toronto is another unfunny and uninteresting action comedy movie.

A New York City screw-up named Teddy who is mistaken for the “Man from Toronto” when the two wind up in the same Airbnb. Antics ensue.

Patrick Hughes is at it again with another terrible action comedy movie, The Man From Toronto faced several delays, was stuck in release date limbo for a brief moment before it was ultimately sold to Netflix (originally from Sony Pictures). It’s not surprising to see why it was sold and quickly discarded, the only positive about this mess is Woody Harrelson who tries his best with the complete mess of a script he is given. Kevin Hart once again plays the exact same type of role he’s been doing for awhile and like the previous times it’s still not funny, the movie is the very definition of an action comedy that just exists. If you have seen any action comedy movie before you already seen this movie, heck Netflix has a few of them that are pretty similar to this one. The writing is a complete and total mess with several unfunny jokes and predictable moments that are facepalm worthy. The VFX are complete garbage as well especially when combined with the atrocious editing that almost feels like someone has never edited a piece of media before, which would be fine if this was some very low budget movie but no this is a $75 million dollar film released by Netflix. There is absolutely no excuse for this level of bad editing and VFX, overall The Man From Toronto is a very bad and forgettable action comedy that should most definitely be avoided.

The Man From Toronto is available on Netflix.

1/10 F


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